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Guest Post: All it takes is one, then two…then bam!

An awesome event came across my email inbox. I was incredibly excited and looking forward to the event but there were no events in my area, let alone my state.

Should I move? Seriously. I thought that could possibly work until I thought of all the boxes and packing involved.

Then I came up with an even better idea. Why not create an event for my area? I mean how hard could it actually be? Find a location, invite a few friends, and ask a few friends to help with giveaways.

Should be simple right? Turns out it was.

All it takes is one…

I began to plan the event in my mind and quickly realized that it would be best to have someone to partner with.

All it takes is one, then two…

Finding the right partner with this was crucial and I knew exactly who to ask. She was so excited and was immediately on board!

All it takes is one, then two…then bam!

Just a couple of days later…
Facebook event listed…check
Creating a list of businesses we know personally…check
Blog buttons created…check
Air 1 radio station publicity…check
K-Love radio station publicity…check

Here comes the Bam!
100+ people invited on the Facebook event page (in only a few days)
Moms inviting others to attend and posting it on their Facebook page
Advertising started yesterday and two additional businesses signed up

We have no idea how far this will go
one thing is for sure…
we are having fun along the way.
Many mom based businesses will receive publicity
and many moms will come and have a great time.

Along the way we are just having a blast planning the event!

Go check out Becoming Homegrown and show some love
for their willingness to co-host the event!

Will you join in with National Mom’s Nite Out?
No event in your area? Start one!
All it takes is one, then two…then bam!
Trust me. We did it. So can you!

Come check out our event details for
National Mom’s Nite Out ~ Gilbert, Arizona.
Our event can be found on Facebook too!

By the way…
Is there something you are desiring in your life?
Is there something you are needing?
Is there something you are hoping for?
Are you the ONE?
All it takes is one, then two…then bam!

Wendy is a daughter of the King, wife of nine years, and mother of two sweet homeschooled boys.  She is working on forgiveness, listening for God’s still small voice, and letting go of the insanity of perfectionism.  Choosing Love is about navigating this amazingly crazy life called motherhood while learning to let go and let God reign.  Honesty, hope and healing are frequent topics, sprinkled with a little bit of humor about the pursuit of choosing love every day while still maintaining some semblance of sanity.

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