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Baby Care Basics

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of Baby Care Basics, shares tips from his new book. Spotlight on Moms features Keya Williams of Chris Ritchie, outdoor gear expert, marathon runner and father, shares features you should look for in a jogging stroller. The leading voice […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Honest Moments in Modern Parenting

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Sue Reninger of Family Finest Communications shares tips on inspiring the family dinner. Spotlight on Moms features Marge Gerwels of Julie May, prototypical modern mom and entrepreneur, shares how she finds time to balance it all. Emily Flake, author of Mama Tried: Dispatches […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Improving Girls’ Self-Esteem

This week on Mom Talk Radio, child, adolescent and family psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, shares some of the biggest barriers to girls self-esteem. Spotlight on Moms features Lori Holden of Entrepreneur, businesswoman and mother, Gigi Stetler, shares what it’s like to be the only woman in a male dominated […]

Blue Suit Mom

Try One of These Hobbies to Become a More Patient Parent

As any parent knows, raising children is tough — and it often provokes conflicting emotions. You deeply love your little ones and would do anything for them, but the stresses of daily life and constant demands on your time can frazzle even the most tolerant, gentle souls. What do you […]

Mom Talk® Radio

iTools for Parents

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Rhonda Stewart, author of Stinky Feet, The Dragon, shares how her book encourages positivity and hope in children. Spotlight on Moms features Jana Seitzer of Melanie Lekkos, fonder of TENDLE, shares how this social platform is connecting parents of schoolchildren across the US. […]

Blue Suit Mom

Guide to a Safe, Healthy and Eco-Friendly Family Camping Trip

Camping is a wonderful activity the entire family will enjoy. Full immersion into the great outdoors allows your clan an opportunity to unplug from their electronics, connect with nature and bond in a genuine way. When you camp, you can continue the practice of a health-conscious lifestyle and environmentally-friendly habits […]