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Tips on Handling a Data Breach at Your Child’s School

When we hear the term data breach, we might think of the massive incident that happened last holiday season at Target, or when a credit card company or online retailer is hacked in some way and customers’ sensitive data ends up getting out. But actually, there is another type of […]

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Incorporating Traditions that Honor Two Faiths

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Lindsey Powers of Yahoo Parenting shares information about this new online destination for parents. Spotlight on Moms features Anna Kokogiannakis of Diana Fleming, Vice President of HealthyWage shares how moms are using this new website to get rid of their baby weight. Simone […]

Blue Suit Mom

This Thanksgiving, Pledge to Take Good Care of the Things You Value

The top three things that Americans expressed gratitude for on Twitter this year were “life,” “family” and “everything,” according to the International Business Times. Take a moment to not only be thankful for these blessings, but also how you can protect them and ensure you’ll have them for a long […]

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Teaching Your Kids to Be Thankful

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Louanne Roark of the Look Good Feel Better foundation shares how the organization helps women undergoing cancer treatment transform. Spotlight on Moms features Kathy Kelly of Retired Pharmacist, David Foreman, shares how travel impacts your health. Family expert, Notoya Green shares tips on […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Share

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Digital Lifestyle Expert, Mario Armstrong shares gadgets, apps and websites for better holiday travel. Spotlight on Moms features Cherylyn Harley LeBon of Lynne Cherry, author and illustrator, shares how Yong Voices for the Planet is helping youth make change. Paul Smith, author of […]

Blue Suit Mom

3 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Plants and Responsibility

As most moms know quite well, kids seem to have a natural affinity for flowers, trees and plants. They can smell them, pick them, climb on them and make believe they are in a different world. And, because kids like them so much, they can be a great way to […]