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Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Share

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Digital Lifestyle Expert, Mario Armstrong shares gadgets, apps and websites for better holiday travel. Spotlight on Moms features Cherylyn Harley LeBon of Lynne Cherry, author and illustrator, shares how Yong Voices for the Planet is helping youth make change. Paul Smith, author of […]

Blue Suit Mom

3 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Plants and Responsibility

As most moms know quite well, kids seem to have a natural affinity for flowers, trees and plants. They can smell them, pick them, climb on them and make believe they are in a different world. And, because kids like them so much, they can be a great way to […]

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What to Expect When You’re Adopting

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Anders Porter AKA The Sports Drink Guru shares guidelines for buying and using protein shakes. Spotlight on Moms features Lyssa Sahadevan of Mary Ostyn, author of Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting, shares advice for those considering adoption. Founder of All […]

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Screen-Smart Parenting

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Jo Anne White, award winning author and certified professional coach, shares tips on bullying prevention. Spotlight on Moms features Rania Kfuri of Board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, Jodi Gold, MD, shares tips for screen-smart parenting. Dr. Shaelyn Pham, licensed psychologist and […]

Blue Suit Mom

Tips for Moms: How to Travel With Children

We have all been there, eyeing up the family with the screaming child at the boarding gate and secretly hoping their seats are at the opposite end of the plane. But now that it’s your turn to fly with your small children, you want to do everything you can to […]

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Making Lunchbox Meals Fun & Easy

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Stephanie Katleman, Founder of The M.O.M. Method, talks the importance of teaching your kids to manage their time. Spotlight on Moms features Lindsey Laurain of Nationally certified speech language pathologist and feeding therapist, Cindy Morrison AKA Chew Chew Mama, shares tips for parents […]