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Blue Suit Mom

Keep the Kids Busy with These 5 Outdoor Activities

On average, kids get 195 days off from school each year, according to the National Council on Teacher Quality. The longest stretch happens in the summer, of course. If you don’t have enough time off yourself to travel or you are on a strict budget, try these fun outdoor activities […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Tips for Back to School Shopping

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Lisa Sun, Founder and CEO of Project Gravitas, shares how moms can see themselves in their best light. Spotlight on Moms features Raquel Cusi of Illustrator and Author, Mike Curato, shares his latest creation, Little Elliot, Big City is inspired by his own […]

Blue Suit Mom

Rainy Day Family Fun: Imaginative Indoor Activities for Kids

As a mom with young kids, you can never have too many indoor activities in your arsenal to keep everyone occupied. We know that play is vital for a child’s development so it’s important to make sure those rainy days don’t put a damper on playtime. From silly competitions to […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Packing Nutritious Lunches for Kids

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Gabriella Wilday, Co-Founder of No Fuss Lunch, shares 4 tips on how to pack a balanced and nutritious lunch for your kids. Spotlight on Moms features Mary Beth Ludwig of Lauren Paul, Co-Founder of the Kind Campaign, shares tips to help your kids […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Raising Creative Children

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Gabriella Wilday, Co-Founder of No Fuss Lunch, asks ‘Do we really know what our kids schools are serving?’. Spotlight on Moms features Nicole Brady of Dr. Michael Ready, Director of The Headache Clinic at Scott and White, talks migraines, what causes them and […]

Blue Suit Mom

Gadgets and Apps to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Just when you thought there was nothing worse than playing teen taxi driver, you realize you now are the worried mom of a teen driver. Is she texting while driving? Is that loud music distracting him? How many friends are in the car? The list of worries goes on. New […]