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Preparing for Potty Training

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Jessica Alexander, co-author of The Danish Way of Parenting, shares what distinguishes the Danish Way from other cultural parenting styles. Spotlight on Moms features Cindy Simmons of Digital correspondent and editor-at-large for CNN, Kelly Wallace, shares info on distracted driving. Dr. Laura Jana, […]

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Navigating Life

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Nanny Magic, Florence Ann Romano, shares tips on caring for a special needs child. Spotlight on Moms features Cricket Country ( Morning Show Host, Angela Schuler. Baby Change-N-Go creator, Brenda Lee Roberts, shares details on bringing an idea from concept to life. Margaux Bergen, […]

Mom Talk® Radio

Connect with Your Kids

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Laurie Berdahl, co-author of Warning Signs; How to Protect Your Kids from Becoming Victimes or Perpetrators of Violence and Aggression, shares the effects of exposure to violent media on children. Spotlight on Moms features Megan Galko of and Mai Vu, author […]

Blue Suit Mom

4 Tips to Help Cultivate Your Teen’s Independence

Keeping your teen on track as they navigate the road to adulthood is a challenge for any parent. With plenty of distractions and detractors that could prevent them from hitting goals and milestones, make sure your teen is thoroughly equipped with the skill sets that will help build responsible habits. […]

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Dads in the Kitchen

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Kathy Walsh, author of Today an Elephant I Will Be!, shares mindful parenting tips for raising peaceful kids. Spotlight on Moms features Marci Weber of Robert Rosenthal, author of cookbook Short Order Dad, shares from techniques and fundamentals every man should know about […]

Blue Suit Mom

Why Challenging Kids Can Become Successful Adults

If you have just told your child for the millionth time that (choose at least one) he must do his homework, she must wear a coat when it is 32 degrees outside, she must go to bed or he needs to get down from the refrigerator, you are probably ready […]