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Blue Suit Mom

How Travel Can Be an Ingredient for a Well-Rounded Teen

Traveling can be a valuable part of growing up, because once a child leaves her home for the last time, she’ll need the experience of moving around in the world (both with her family and by herself) to fall back on. You can start giving your children the experiences of […]

Blue Suit Mom

The 15 Minute Power Hour

I’m sure you’ve been saying to yourself, “Once I have some time, like a few hours, I’ll get to XXX.” How many times have you walked past the pile of mail sitting on your dining room table,  that is now a mail-holder rather than a table used for eating? How […]

Blue Suit Mom

Easy and Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Try New Things

While some kids are more than happy to sample different foods, visit new places and try out new toys, others prefer a more predictable experience. For these kids, adding banana to their usually fruit-free cereal is enough of a change for one day. As a mom, you want to encourage […]

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Music for Children

This week on Mom Talk Radio, developmental psychologist, researcher, educator and author of Raising Can-Do Kids, Richard Rende, Ph.D., shares the importance of raising kids to have an entrepreneurial spirit. Spotlight on Moms features Ellen Cusack of Sally Loughridge, Ph.D., author of Daniel and His Starry Night Blanket, shares […]

Blue Suit Mom

The Biggest Milestones In Your Child’s Life

From the moment your child is born, milestones begin stacking up. Her first cry, diaper change, her first feed and first car ride are some of the big “firsts” that will happen before you even head home from the hospital. The milestones don’t stop there, though, so get your cameras […]

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Tara Jaye Frank, VP of Multicultural Strategy for Hallmark Cards, shares how women can plan a more purposeful path to advancement. Spotlight on Moms features Trina O’Boyle of Drs. Ron and Cherie Santasiero share signs of addiction parents should be aware of. Amy […]