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Guest Post: Celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out WITHOUT Breaking The Bank!

I am so excited to be taking part in Mom’s Nite Out this year! As a stay-at-home mom of a walking and climbing one year old, I am looking forward to a little “me” time. National Mom’s Nite Out will be held May 5 all over the country. It is a time for moms to get together and enjoy some fun and relaxation without the kids.

I live in a small town in Montana so there aren’t many choices when it comes to going out with the girls. Plus, we are a one-income family, trying to save money as much as possible. Here are some great ideas on how you can celebrate Mom’s Nite Out without spending a fortune.

1. Gather the girls and go out for free food. As a coupon-clipping mama, I find coupons for free or cheap food all the time. How fun would it be to go one place for a free appetizer, another place for cheap wings or burgers, and yet another place for dessert. I few months ago, I had coupons for a BOGO free Blizzard from Dairy Queen, free fries from Wendys, a free burger from McDonalds, and even free breadsticks from Pizza Hut. You could have dinner for free on Mom’s Nite Out. My friends and I are going to do this for our night out. It will be fun to see what combinations we come up with.

2. A disadvantage to living in a small town, is that there aren’t many places to go or things to do. However, I know many moms who are consultants in many businesses. Why not contact your local Mary Kay consultant for Mom’s Nite Out. Ask the consultant if she would do pedicures and facials for the moms. Know a Pampered Chef consultant? Have her come and cook for the group too. Find consultants in your area and take advantage of their services. It is a win win for you both. They may get potential sales and you get free services. I have a friend who is a Mary Kay consultant so we are going to do the facials and pedicures. I have a lot of free samples of polish so we are going to add manicures as well.

3. Can’t afford to go to the movies? Bring the movie to you. Redbox runs free movie rentals all the time. Plan on meeting at a mom’s home (whose kids are gone for the night), pop in the free movie and enjoy it. Pop some popcorn and relax. If you can’t find a movie, ask your friends. Chances are someone has a movie (that doesn’t involve cartoon characters) you haven’t seen.

4. Many local hotels charge a very small, affordable fee to use their pool and hot tub. Have all the moms pitch in and spend a relaxing night swimming and chatting with your friends.

5. Craft night – How many of us have craft/scrapbook items lying around the house collecting dust? I still have my daughter’s first year album to begin! Get together, bring your supplies, and spend the evening crafting/scrapbooking.

6. I plan on using all the free samples I receive from companies to make treat bags for the moms as well. This is a fun way to close a great night with the girls.

There are so many ways to celebrate Mom’s Nite Out without spending a lot of money. The whole purpose of this night is to get together, have fun, and relax. There will be activities going on at Simon Malls and area businesses throughout the country. Stay up to date on the Mom’s Nite Out Facebook page- here you can see what is going on in your town.

Moms, get out and HAVE FUN. You deserve it!


Holly Lawson is a stay-at-home mom. She loves blogging, clipping coupons, and giveaways. Holly is a mom to a one year old girl named Sophie. The family is serving as missionaries in a small town in Montana. She meets regularly with other moms to coupon, have playdates, and learn more about being a mom.

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