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Amazing Skincare and Makeup from UNT Skincare

I love to discover new skincare products and beauty supplies, like the UNT Skincare line (, that stand out in a very crowded consumer segment. It’s even better to know that UNT Skincare was started by a woman who was out of work and pregnant with her first child!

It’s hard to decide which product is best, so I’ll start with the “youngest” product, a Baby Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion. Developed for babies and those with sensitive skin, this lotion is oil-free and feels like more of a lotion than sunscreen. I love this sunscreen because it hydrates and protects skin against harmful irritants while protecting against UVA and UVB. Oil-free and non-comedogenic, Baby Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion is also hypoallergenic and is PABA and paraben free. Even though my children are older, I feel better using a sunscreen that provides sun protection and babies their skin.

Another product that moms will love is the nail lacquer that’s safe for pregnant moms. Expecting women are always aware of what goes in and on their bodies! Many moms feel like they have to give up their beauty rituals for fear of harmful chemicals that could harm baby. Not so with UNT Color Nail Lacquer. It’s free of harmful formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate esters. An added bonus is the Vitamin F incorporated in the formula to deliver extra repair care to nails.

Two of the items I always have on hand for quick makeup fixes are a lipstick and compact powder. When I tried the Ideal Glow Melabright Anti-Aging Compact Powder, I was hooked! I tried this compact powder on an all-day business trip with a packed agenda and late flight home. I was amazed at the difference with this powder. The texture is like silk, and it stayed fresh and smooth all day.

Two other products in the line will combat the signs of aging, and aren’t we all interested in that? Prodige is formulated with extracts from rare apple stem cells that offer amazing antioxidant benefits. The extract was found to rejuvenate skin stem cells boosting regeneration and the skin’s repairing power, resulting in improved firmness, texture and tone. The second product is Aqua Fortis that replenishes skins cells with water. The formula uses technology that actually penetrates skin.

I really loved these products, and there’s a wide range of choices at

Spring and Summer Educational Camps

Kids love it when they have time off of school, but sometimes it can throw us parents for a loop! For households with two working parents it can be stressful to try and decide where your children will go or who will take care of them when they are out of school. This is why I start planning at the beginning of the school year! I either plan family vacations around this time, or I sit down with my children and research educational camps to suit their interests.

Spring and Summer camps are a great way to keep your children safe and entertained during those long periods off from school. I’m proud to say that this year a few of my children were accepted to Summer programs at prestigious universities! If you have older children, I encourage you to look into Summer study programs at colleges and universities that your children are interested in attending. It gives them a taste of what college will be like and helps them to become more independent before they’re really out on their own.

If you have younger children, I definitely recommend looking into KinderCare’s Spring and Summer camps. This Spring, KinderCare is offering an educational and exciting Science of Dirt camp that any young children are sure to love. Your children can enjoy hands-on science lessons, garden-related craft making, and instruction on how to prepare tasty veggie treats. If Spring break has already passed you by, you can still enjoy some of the fun from KinderCare’s Science of Dirt Camp with one of their take-home activities featured on KinderCare’s MomTV Channel. KinderCare also offers a variety of Summer camps including Wilderness 101, Spectacular Sports, Gross and Gooey Science, and Kids’ Kitchen.

With some good planning and research, time off from school doesn’t need to be a headache. Feel free to share with me what your children are up to this Spring and Summer vacation. Do they stay at home, visit grandma, volunteer, or go to camp? I’d love to hear how other working moms manage their homes when school is out!

Disclosure: Kindercare, through an agency, is a client.

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