Mom's Nite Out

Guest Post: Do You Need a Mom’s Nite Out?

On Thursday May 5, 2011 Moms across the country will be celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out.

Whether or not you will be virtually participating that night, hanging out with friends, heading to a local Simon Mall Event, or doing something special for yourself, it is important to recognize that Moms need special time for themselves on more than just one occasion each year.

I’m not sure if I will actually be attending an event or not that evening, but I thought it was important to think of some things that I could do for myself in order to celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out. Lets face it, Moms tend be the ones taking care of everyone around them and we end up neglecting to do things for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and kids, but sometimes I just need a break.

I thought, what a great opportunity to come up with some ideas of things to do for yourself (some are even FREE) on National Mom’s Nite Out (or Day), and to also make a commitment to do something for yourself on a regular basis.

Here are a couple ideas:

  • Schedule a pedicure, manicure, facial or massage. You brush your kids hair, clip their nails, and make sure they have clean clothes. Well Moms need pampering too. How relaxing is it to be in room with soothing music, getting a massage, and realizing that someone else is watching your kids? Very relaxing!
  • Doing something that you really enjoy without interruption. How often are you trying to read a book or a magazine, or even browse the web, and your time is limited because the kids are screaming, fighting, or needing your immediate attention. Why not make a date with yourself, and head to a local coffee shop, with your laptop/ Kindle or a book and enjoying the silence. Pretty self explanatory. Or in my case, I love to garden. I could head to local garden center and stroll the isles by myself, or head outside while my husband watches the kids. I could dig in the ground to my hearts desire.
  • Hire a cleaning service to come in and clean your home. I would love this! I feel like all I ever do is clean. You can then take the time that has been freed up, to do one of the other things on the list.
  • Shop for yourself! Need I say more? Even window shopping is fun.
  • Take a class. Is there something that you are truly interested in learning about? Computer programming, how to play an instrument, Art, or even exercising. Head to your local community college, Arts and Craft Store, or Gym, and SIGN UP. Plus, once you are signed up, you then have a commitment to make time for yourself.
  • Visit nature. You can go for a walk at a park or in your neighborhood. How about even driving to the beach to enjoy the Sunset or go to a local landmark.
  • Go out to dinner by yourself. When I was younger, I really disliked going out to dinner by myself. I think the silence made me uncomfortable because I am very social. However, now that I have 2 kids, I would love to go out to dinner by myself. To enjoy a meal without having to feed someone else, wipe faces, or repeat over and over again, “Quit touching each other”, that would be so nice.

Whatever you decide to do National Mom’s Nite Out, make sure you do something for yourself and try to do it more often than not. Do you have any ideas for great ways to spend your Mom’s Nite Out? I would love to hear them.


Guest blogger, Carlee Colonneso is a Stay At Home Mom, a true Florida Native, and a Graduate of the University of South Florida. She loves a great deal, and has turned her passion of clipping coupons, saving money and entertaining her kids on a budget into a daily blog post. Check her blog often to see freebies, giveaways, coupons and helpful hints to save money. There are also posts with product reviews, ideas to keep your child entertained and ways to keep a hectic household running smoothly. AtHomeMoma is the Place for Savings, Giveaways, and Family Fun.

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