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Great finds from the Snack Attack Show

Earlier this month, I had a chance to browse through table after table of snacks that were part of the Editor Showcase: Snack Attack event in New York. Manufacturers introduced their newest products which made for a very filling afternoon! The brands offered a good mix, from healthy protein bars to bite-sized desserts. What I found most interesting was the attention to calories and fat content. If the reps speeches were any indication, the snack companies are certainly paying attention to the concerns over what is going in to these foods and ultimately our children. Since snacks are important on many levels for me, not only because I have three teens and a tween in my house, but because I like to know what’s in these snacks that I also enjoy, I’ve decided to highlight a few of the finds , along with video of a few, from my day in New York.

Balance bar’s new product for women – Nimble

I made a bee line to this table as I thought of all of the money I spend weekly on Balance bars. I work out – a lot – and Balance bars are always in my bag or purse. The company is introducing Nimble, a nutrition bar for a woman’s body and skin. Fiber, protein and calcium for the body, beta carotene and antioxidants for the skin. The calorie count is only 120 for this bar which is available in peanut butter and yogurt orange swirl. Go to for information.

Kozy Shack’s Newest Treats Are Healthy, Too!

Most kids love pudding and jello, and my kids are no exception. I admit I always see Kozy Shack rice pudding (and have put the pack in my shopping cart), so I was delighted to discover two new offerings from KozyShack: CowRageous! pudding cups in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors and SmartGels Kids. CowRageous! puddings come in 100-calorie serving sizes, offer Vitamins A & D, are low sodium and low in saturated fat. The SmartGels are naturally flavored with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. You’ll get a craving watching this:

Stay tuned for more snack finds from the show!

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