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Snacks You’ll Love From Tree Top

At the Snack Attack Event in New York last week, I learned more about a brand I often purchase from Costco. Tree Tops, a grower owned coop from Washington, offers fruit products that kids love for the taste and parents love for the nutrition. Known mostly for their apple products like fresh apple juice and organic apple sauce (and no added sugar), Tree Tops also offers a line of fruit juices that kids and adults love. The flavor my kids ask for is Ochango – orange, cherry and mango. Mango Peach and Apple Pear juices and many more flavors are available. A snack idea at the table – a 50/50 mix of peanut butter and apple sauce with a carrot stick or cracker – was a great find. Another interesting fact I learned is that Tree Tops apple juice boxes are available at Starbucks. Great news for the moms who need their lattes. For more information, go to

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