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How Technology Is Changing the Modern Nursery

If you’re not already familiar with the term “batteries not included,” you’ll need to work on that while planning your baby’s nursery. Technology is changing the modern nursery faster than you can say “self-changing diapers,” but it’s up to you to decide which of the latest features are beneficial and which are superfluous. While you won’t find a self-changing diaper on the shelves yet, some of the latest inventions and babytronics have proven just as invaluable to tired moms and dads and frustrated babies everywhere.

Tech for Baby’s Health

Remember the rubber-bulb nasal aspirators? Yeah, they’re disposable now. Oh, and the breast pump? It’s a bra now; double-barreled with a hands-free pump on each side, made by Simple Wishes. It gets excellent reviews but is about as discreet as your lawnmower.

Every great nursery invention has its drawbacks, exemplified in the BebeSounds Angel Care Movement Sensor. Perfect for nervous parents who need to know their baby’s every movement—not so perfect when you pick your baby up to nurse and forget to turn it off. Its sensors set off alarms if the baby’s movement isn’t detected for 20 seconds.

Sleeping Gear Goes High Tech

That’s nothing compared to the advantages of a clear, recyclable crib made of Lucite. Every bit of drool and every other excretion that can and will happen in a crib is displayed properly for everyone to see, and you can no longer gauge the right angle to sneak up on your should-be-napping-infant. A beautiful crib by Nurseryworks, the Hollis Crib should come with Windex and a blind spot, but it doesn’t require batteries or a remote control to operate.

Modern technology is creeping in on sleeping babies and letting parents rest a little easier with the latest form of nursery monitors too; they’re not just audio now, but clear video on multiple color monitors with night vision, an AC adaptor and rechargeable batteries. It’s a great investment to protect your sweet little baby, and when she’s 16, to protect would-be suitors as well.

Technology in the modern nursery is a learning curve that we should all welcome, if for no other reason than educating ourselves about our children and modern technology, all rolled into one daunting task. Because no matter how tired you are or how happy your infant is at three in the morning, the Playtex Diaper Genie II will wrap up the mess, stifle the stench in a seven-layer film, and convince you to buy refills you must learn to load in the dispenser. Playtex is onto us though; this Genie II has online video demonstrations. If only everything in your new baby’s life were as simple as Push-N-Lock clamps.

Guest article by Robin Thering, who writes about the best baby nurseries and nursery decor at

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