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Math Made Fun for Little Ones

To review the Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit, I asked @momselectmary on my team to try it out with her daughter, Darcy, who is starting PreK 4 next week and therefore the perfect age for this product.

Anything that combines education and fun is a plus in our house! Darcy loved the Team Umizoomi Math Kit, while I loved the educational components in what is a really nice pack of items. The kit contains:

  • 48-page workbook that amplifies the curriculum covered in each episode, setting up problems and providing opportunities for practice and repetition
  • 24-page storybook that invites kids to join Team Umizoomi on a math adventure
  • 24 Mighty Math Mission Cards – portable cards that provide math-based challenges for kids
  • 48-page activity book that reinforces math skills through simple games and activities
  • Team Umizoomi episode on DVD

Darcy is very familiar with the show and loves to watch and interact with the characters on the show, so she really loved this kit. It provided hours of entertainment, and the activity book made a great take-along for a recent road trip.

You can tell that Nickelodeon worked with a team of educational consultants to develop the Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kits, which address the areas of math that help lay the groundwork for getting preschoolers prepared for kindergarten. The goal of the kits is to provide hands-on, interactive ways for preschoolers to experience math with their parents, help kids incorporate math into everyday life and stress the importance of math as a key component of school readiness.

Team Umizoomi Math Kits will be available exclusively at nearly 600 Toys”R”Us stores nationwide.  Additionally, the kits can be purchased online from Nickelodeon at

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