Blue Suit Mom

Avoid the Halloween Sugar Rush

Halloween 2011 is in the books. As your children dig through their loot, I’ve got a few tips to manage the candy overload and minimize the sugar rush in a wrapper.

Sneaking Candy. No, this is not about skimming off your favorite chocolate bar or candy corns off the top of the pile (although this works just fine in my house with Reese’s). To keep candy consumption under control, bag up an assortment of candy in several bags, marked with each child’s name, and store in the freezer for treats spread out over the holidays.

Baking Supplies on Hand.  Many popular candy items double as great baking supplies. Holiday goodies made with M&Ms, Snickers, Heath bars and more can be pulled out of the Halloween bags and stashed away for a few weeks until the holiday baking starts. Separate these treats and you’ll save time and money when you’re baking for the holidays.

Donate the Excess. The definition of excess will vary greatly between you and your children, but a great way to get the goodies out of your house is to donate it. Find a local group that sends care packages to troops stationed overseas. Ask your children and even their friends to separate out what they would like to donate. You’ll be surprised at how generous they can be when they know where it’s going.

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