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DeliverLean: Fresh, Delicious Food Brought To Your Door

What’s better than cooking a healthy, delicious meal? Having that same meal delivered fresh to your door. DeliverLean makes it convenient to get lean by preparing tasty, portion-controlled meals that are so delicious. Since I have very specific dietary preferences, I was very interested in this company and the menu choices. They offered two of us a day’s worth of meals, and were impressed with the quality and taste. Our choices included French Toast for breakfast, Turkey Francaise for dinner and a carrot muffin that was divine!

DeliverLean’s meals are packed with lean proteins, fresh vegetables and complex carbs that are full of vitamins and nutrients, giving customers the energy needed to tackle a busy day. All menus are approved by licensed and registered dietitians that work on-site and all menus are additive-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and low-sodium, providing the best fuel for client’s bodies. They offer an array of savory meal plans catered to each individual’s needs including plans for men, women, vegetarians, diabetics, celiacs and those interested in a paleo, gluten-free or HCG diet.

DeliverLean was established in September 2011 by health-conscious foodies and savvy business professionals Scott Harris and Olga Kuzenkov as a solution to save people time and energy, while simultaneously providing a nutritious and delicious way to attain a healthy body weight. Insuring DeliverLean’s position as the category leader in taste, the company recruited culinary masters Andrew Whiteman and James Donato from two of the most notable private aviation catering companies in the US. With an impressive list of clients from President Barak Obama and Jay-Z to Prince Bandar of Quitar and the SuperBowl, Whiteman and Donato have served some of the most exclusive palates in the world and now DeliverLean is making the same cuisine accessible to the masses.

DeliverLean is currently available in South Florida from Jupiter to South Miami. There is no more convenient way to shed post-holiday pounds or better your health this year than with DeliverLean! Offering a 5-, 6- or 7-Day Meal Plan, go to for call 888-730-5326 for information. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for daily giveaways and helpful tips to stay healthy.

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