Mommy Parties

Easy Mom-jito Recipe

This refreshing cocktail is sure to help guests relax on Mom’s Nite Out!

Servings: 2 Total Prep Time: 5 Minutes


· 1 lime

· 16 fresh mint leaves

· 1/2 cup white rum

· Sprite or any brand of lemon-lime soda


1. Cut the lime into small pieces.

2. Divide lime pieces and mint leaves evenly among two glasses.

3. Muddle and mash the lime sections and the mint.

4. Add ice to glasses, followed by adding ¼ cup of rum.

5. Mix with a spoon or use a cocktail shaker to combine.

6. After all the ingredients are combined, fill the reminder of the glass with soda.

7. Garnish with any extra lime and mint.

8. Serve with chips, salsa, and a few of your girlfriends – enjoy!

Adapted from Emeril’s Traditional Mojito Recipe

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