Mom's Nite Out

Ensure a fun and fabulous night out with the girls!

Here are some fun and useful tips to help you prep for your well-deserved night off at this year Mom’s Nite Out!

To ensure a fun and fabulous night out with the girls:

  • Get all the house work and laundry out of the way!
    • Solicit the kids to help with the dishes or folding the clothes.
    • Make a “Honey Please Do” list for your hubby or partner to help with the last minute chores.
    • Get the dinner out of the way!
      • Plan ahead and put your meal in a slow cooker or order pizza. Either way, leave the rest to whoever is staying with the kids!

To ensure you look and feel your best:

  • Plan a workout routine or walk with your little one once every day or every other day. If you can’t get out, slip in a workout video while the kids nap or after everyone’s been put to bed!
  • Make a goal to get into your “skinny” jeans or that LBD before Mom’s Nite Out!
  • Look into your makeup bag or drawer and take note of the essentials you might be running low on, so that you make sure to pick them up before the big night.
  • Make an appointment to get those chipped nails polished or to get your hair done; or you can even DIY at home!

To ensure you won’t break the bank on your big night out:

  • Come up with a budget leading up to Mom’s Nite Out so you know just how much you can splurge.
  • Throw extra change in a piggy bank or jar labeled “Mom’s Nite Out Funds” – you’d be surprised how much you may collect!
  • Check out coupon or deal sites for all the specials!
  • Log onto to find all the giveaways that will occur on May 10th, National Mom’s Night Out!

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