Mom's Nite Out

March Mom of the Month

To get everyone a bit more excited for National Moms Nite Out we thought we’d profile each month a mom that has participated tremendously in Moms Nite Out in the past. I am happy to introduce our March Mom of the Month, Wendy Wright!

Name: Wendy Wright

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

Blog: Choosing Love and Arizona Moms Network

URL: and

How many years have you been celebrating NMNO?

The upcoming event will be my second celebration. There has been a tremendous growth and transformation during the last year, all of which makes the upcoming event even sweeter.

What are your plans for NMNO 2012?

National Mom’s Nite Out 2012 is an exciting time for women in Arizona. We are in the planning stages now as we have outgrown our location and are moving to one that can accommodate the growing group of women! Generous sponsors provide giveaways for moms at our event, which have included both nationally known name brands and local small business owners. Many moms have their own home based business and this provides a way for them to meet other women face to face. One of the highlights of our night in May is a free chair massage provided for every mom at our local event. That alone is a great reason to attend!

Any tips for moms who are new to NMNO?

Every mom deserves a night out where she is known by her first name and can actually finish a thought without being interrupted, even if it is for only a few minutes. Moms who are new to NMNO are definitely in for a treat.

For the mom who is afraid to go, I want to talk to you for a moment. It can be intimidating attending a new event with a room full of strangers. Fears of being judged or not accepted may be passing through your mind as you try to talk yourself out of going. Seeing the other women as friends you just have not met yet may help calm the nerves. One year ago I had never attended a NMNO event before, yet here I was pulling in the parking lot of the restaurant for the event that I planned. I sat in the car and took a deep breath. I was scared to go in. But then I thought of you, the one who is new to town or does not know anyone. I thought of the mom who really needed to just have five minutes to herself outside of the bathroom and then I thought of the one who has not showered in three days. I pushed my nerves down and walked into the restaurant. All because of you.

Any mom who attends a National Mom’s Nite Out event will come home a more relaxed, healthier mom. The laughter, smiles, and enjoyment from the night will live long in your memory. Moms who have attended an event are passionate about attending the next one because one time is never enough! Just take a look at the pictures on the Facebook page and you just might hear the conversations and laughter.

Additional Comments:

National Mom’s Nite Out was introduced to me through an email but there were no events in my area. Instead of physically moving our family close to an event or just wishing there was one and going on to the next email, I created a local event. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Seriously. It is so much fun to plan for the moms. What began as a one time event, ended up with quarterly events because it was so incredibly hard to wait an entire year for the next NMNO.

Join with me and millions of other moms on May 10, 2012. Attend an established event, start your own, go out with a friend, or join online. Take time for yourself. You deserve it!

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