My view of SheStreams through video with an AT&T smartphone

Guest Post by Wendy Wright of

Walking with my children through the airport on the way to SheStreams

There is nothing like your first blogging conference. If you have been reading here or watched my Twitter stream, @ChoosingLoveAZ, you may have noticed the hashtag of #SheStreams when I went to Florida.

SheStreams was a room filled with highly successful women poised with confidence and I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude and awe to even be surround by so much strength.

For those who were not able to attend in person, or watch live streaming on SheStreamsTV, you are in luck.

AT&T is a sponsor of SheStreams 2012 and asked me to take video of my experience at the conference so I could share it with you.

I chose to take the view of what a conference newbie would see. Through this I learned that I am very good at being a tourist and is shot pretty much to show you the highlights of what I saw during the event.

Please know that, of course, I learned so many things at the conference that would have made this video even better. I did not learn those tips until after I had filmed the majority of the video and I also learned much of the video that I did take was not usable because of legal issues I learned at the conference.

This is probably the longest video I will create, since it violates the rules of videos in this fast past world.

If you have never been to a conference or are thinking of going to one, here is what it might look like for you. Enjoy this video.

Highlights of my video:

  • My boys were completely thrilled that the parking garage at the Phoenix International Airport was just like one of their toys.
  • My request for my husband to take a little video at the airport turned into what it must be like to have paparazzi around when you are famous. Not that I am or ever hope to be.
  • The difficult goodbye to my birthday boy. Thankfully the final moments with me crying was not recorded.
  • Ignore my paranoid state of riding alone in the cab and totally playing a tourist. I saw my first drawbridge and I spared you the entire 20 minute ride. I definitely did tape the entire thing because my cab driver was the funniest and best cab driver in the world but I have limited knowledge to compare since I think I have been on four cab rides in my life. Two of the cab rides were on this trip. Someday I want to yell “Taxi” just to say I have done it.
  • Maria Bailey, Jennifer Labit, Teresa Kroll, and Dr. Daisy Sutherland were definitely highlights of the conference. I heard from so many others and ended up in that moment of awe where I totally and completely forgot to press the record button.
  • Love Build-A-Bear? Enjoy the sneak peek at their new line of Under the Sea friends arriving in June.
  • Lunch on a yacht with Disney Parks, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Laura Spencer!
  • This was my first time ever in Florida and first time ever seeing the Atlantic Ocean, not that it is evident at all in the video.

Disclosure: AT&T provided the Pantech Burst 4G Smartphone to use during my attendance at SheStreams. No compensation was received. Content selection for the video was mine and is my opinion.

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