On the Road with @ATT at #SheStreams with the Samsung Impulse

Guest post by Amy B of From One Mommy to Another

#SheStreams 2012 was a conference full of engagement on so many levels and I was lucky to have a personal travel companion to capture my trip…the ATT Samsung Impulse. So if you wondering what SheStreams is all about, see my thoughts through the ATT Samsung Impulse.

SheStreams left me feeling fulfilled both personally and professionally.  I have to admit…the talent of the people who attended SheStreams overwhelmed me a bit, but that is what made SheStreams different than other conferences.

I felt overwhelmed and in pure awe of the talent, but then I had the chance to talk and get to know the people behind the talent.  I didn’t have to pass them and go, “Oh wow, there ______ is.” Instead, I was able to talk with them and make some new friends.

I love that feeling.

One of the sessions I really enjoyed was with Mark Carpenter from @SixVoices on creating Mobile Apps.  It was engaging and I always enjoy a presenter who isn’t afraid to go off of the “plan” to truly engage with their audience.  Not only is Mark knowledgeable in his area, but he is also a very nice person.  Plus, I got to learn some new info as well…*cough* that Android owners are less affluent than Apple owners.  🙂

Great content. A great person. Great learning.

I love it when that happens.

The yacht luncheon with @Disney was a favorite for me.  To eat a wonderful lunch on a yacht on the water in Fort Lauderdale totally set the mood.

And really, who doesn’t feel extra special walking up these stairs to enter the boat? 🙂

It was so nice to see #SheStreams attendees smiling as they experienced the yacht luncheon with Disney.

And the food?


The kind where you get excited to go through the line because you can’t wait to see what is next.

Who wouldn’t love that? 🙂

The next picture from my ATT Samsung Impulse only needs a two word caption…

Happy Hour!

Everyone loves those!

Amy Lupold Bair, aka @ResourcefulMom, held a great session on Twitter parties.  It was great to see the crown so eager to learn from Amy.  Let’s face it, she is the Queen of Twitter Parties, so who better to learn from, right?

But what I loved most about Amy’s session was that it gave me a chance to get to know her a bit more.  Her sense of humor, her wit, and the way she truly loves what she tweets about.  Until now, I had seen Amy but had little opportunity to interact with her so she knew who little old me was. 🙂

Now she does, and hopefully she will remember.

I would love that.

Here is a picture of The Amy’s at #SheStreams.
I am honored to be in such amazing company…

As I mentioned earlier, SheStreams is a conference that is engaging and truly built to help you grow your skills and brand.  Other conferences I have been too can be too large, where I am a business card instead of “Amy” or “Mommy Mentor”.  Where I can’t remember the person that went with the brand because there were simply too many for my brain to retain.  This year SheStreams had around 150 attendees, which allowed for rich dialogue within the expo hall and the companies.

I love that.

Thank you to ATT and the Samsung Impulse for being my travel companion.  You can read the full review on another ATT phone…the windows based Samsung Focus here.

Hope to see you all at SheStreams 2013!

Disclosure: Thank you to ATT, who provided me with the Samsung Impulse 4G phone to capture my thoughts and highlights from #SheStreams. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as they always are. 🙂

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