Mom's Nite Out

Guest Post: Finding the Right Outfit for NMNO

National Mom’s Nite Out is coming very soon! We already know without looking that you simply have nothing in your closet to wear. Sad but true fact of women everywhere.

Figure out the dress code.

Every party has a dress code and this one is no exception. Whether it is casual or more like a nightclub, discovering what is acceptable is your number one tip.

How do you figure out what the dress code is? If it is a Black Tie event, the RSVP or invitation will indicate the requirement. NMNO is not traditionally a Black Tie, but you never know. Look at past event photos to see what other moms wore. Take a look at what the organizer and/or hostess wear since they set the tone for the whole evening. If you are still not sure, then go ahead and email the event planner. They will be more than happy to help you feel your best with clothing choice.

Shop your own closet.

You don’t have to break the bank for just one night out on the town. Look through your closet for those clothes that still have their tags on. Are they the ones to wear? If not, maybe they don’t need to be in your closet anyway.

Think you have nothing to wear in your closet? Go through your clothes again and find that outfit. You know the one. The one you always wear because you get compliments or you just feel great in it. Confidence in your clothing choice shows all the way through your body. What do you want your body to say about you?

Choose a fun, expressive necklace.

While it is fun to understand fashion, this is one area of my life I lack in. The hot, trendy necklaces of today always seem to escape me, but it doesn’t mean my neck is bare. I learned the hard way about wearing a beautiful beaded necklace with my camera strap, but chances are you can wear a necklace without having the beads strewn through the restaurant at your very first event. Yes, that is a true story.

Pick something that is uniquely you. Seriously. I have one necklace that always gets complimented, no matter where I go. Everyone loves it and thinks it is amazing. It is a simple piece of jewelry but the response is overwhelmingly positive. Take your favorite necklace and wear it.

Buck the trend. Wear what you feel good in and can afford.

Grab your favorite pair of jeans, as long as they are not mom jeans. A nice pair of dark jeans paired with a beautiful shirt is wonderful. Pair it with fun heels you never get a chance to wear or choose the comfy flats that mean the world to you.

When you feel good, your body and mind will be relaxed. You will enjoy the event more and so will the other moms!

Put on your smile.

This may seem like such a simple thing to remember. It is. Your smile is your greatest asset, no matter what you are wearing. A smile welcomes others and greets them warmly.

Chances are good that you can come just as you are, even if you have spit up on your shoulder. If you haven’t washed your hair that day or any time this week, you are more than likely the only one to notice.  We have all been there. That’s the beauty of NMNO! We are moms who understand what it is like.

Don’t tell anyone else this, but the clothes are not the essential part. You are.

If you were reading this and looking for an excuse to go shopping for this one extra special day of the year, then by all means go ahead and shop. This mom is not a fashionista by any means so enjoy every minute of your shopping spree. Just be sure to send pictures!

For the rest of us still fearful the clothes will not work, remember that you are uniquely you. Just be yourself and you will have a great time, no matter what you wear. Guaranteed!

This post was brought to you by our March Mom of the Month, Wendy of!

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