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Giveaway: Mom Connection by Tracey Bianchi

Parenting young children is all-consuming task that can make moms feel isolated, disconnected and ineffective beyond the walls of their own home. They want to have a part in the bigger scheme of things, to have real friends and to make the world their children will inherit a better place.

Enter: Mom Connection by Tracey Bianchi. In this witty, encouraging book, Tracey guides moms on a journey toward celebrating and discovering the underlying rhythm of their lives and how that rhythm pulls them into vibrant relationships. Through stories of her own life as a mom and the experiences of others, she shows moms how to gracefully engage the people who cross their paths rather than viewing others as tasks on a list. Bianchi shares her own, sometimes hilarious, missteps and the importance of vibrant connections and intentional relationships. She also offers a way to find balance in this busy exercise called motherhood.

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