SheStreams Conference and Recap

Guest Post by Charlene of

I’ve been to SheStreams twice now. First, for the inaugural conference in September 2011 in NYC and then to the twice-as-nice SheStreams in 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I love this conference for so many reasons: the size, the sophistication, and the specialization. The three “S”s, if you will, that make up the three “S”s in SheStreams.

With the privilege of speaking this year, as well as the location in Florida during a dreary winter here in the Northwest, it was a conference that I was really looking forward to attending. I got to see some friendly-faces, but I got to chat with many more. It is always a privilege to meet the face behind the tweet.

Yet, it really comes down to the sponsors, who always amaze me in their belief that women bloggers have a powerful voice in which they recognize, and, of course, the founder of SheStreams (and the ultimate Power Mom herself) Maria Bailey, who, like many, I’m in awe of her professionalism, as well as her intelligence. She is a fast moving ship in the social media sea, and to be on her boat, for a brief time, is always a rockin’ experience.

I also enjoyed meeting her staff in person. (Such an amazing group of talent.) And I enjoyed putting my Mom hat away for forty-eight hours. Sometimes, that, in itself, is priceless. I could go on in on, but suffice to say that if you haven’t been to SheStreams yet, definitely put it on your social media conference list.

Here is a brief video recap of this year’s event in hope that it may inspire you to join me at SheStreams 2013!


(Many thanks to AT&T, who provided me with a complimentary Samsung phone to capture the memories.)

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