Mom's Nite Out

Last Minute Planning Tips for NMNO

It’s hard to believe that National Mom’s Nite Out is only one weeks away!  Are you hosting a soirée at your place? Are you feeling the pressure to get everything ready for the night? Here are a few tips to help make sure you are stress-free as the night approaches, and to ensure that you really do have the night to relax and enjoy!

  • If you haven’t sent out your invites yet, be sure to do so. E-vite or call up your girlfriends to plan the evening.
  • This weekend, ask everyone in the house to help get things ready. Whether it’s asking the kids to help stuff goodie bags or asking the husband to vacuum, every little bit helps!
  • Make a list of everything you will need for your party. Try to collect all the items you need the week before so that all details are covered.
  • If you are making any food items for your party, do any preparation you can a day or two beforehand.  This way you will not feel rushed and can relax as your friends arrive.

For a few other helpful party tips and ideas, check out these sites!

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