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Share, Organize Photos and Videos with

I recently came across a new tool for sharing and organizing photos and videos that makes the process so easy! With four children, it’s easy to take (and ultimately store) hundreds, if not thousands of photos and videos in a short span of time. It’s so easy to snap or record a memory , but the process breaks down when I have to transfer the images from my phone to another device or platform.

Enter Burst. At Burst, they have created a simple, smart, and private way for family and friends to capture and share life’s moments and memories. With an easy app, one simple touch on your phone lets Burst automatically store and organize all of your digital media in a cloud, and shares them with family and close friends. As you use it, Burst learns how you share the moments you love, and helps remove manual tasks from the process. It even works with your mobile calendar to auto-title photos and videos taken during any scheduled event.

Burst is simple, smart and safe. Check out all of the terrific features of Burst at

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