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Time to Play’s Spring Showcase

Last week, Time to Play held their Spring Showcase which featured more than 25 leading toy manufactures and entertainment companies. There were a number of terrific products, all of which are sure to be a hit with the kids this summer!

Crayola recently introduced a number of products perfect for the spring, including their 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Set. Kids simply draw their design on the sidewalk, put on their 3D Kaleidoscope glasses and watch their creations pop up from the ground!

I-Star Entertainment, who brought you the very popular FyrFlyz, introduced their new FyrWrkz and Pillow Fighters. FyrWrkz are safe, powder-less fireworks for kids of all ages, while Pillow Fighter are quirky character pillows that make funny sound effects for the ultimate pillow fight!

Little Kids, best known for their No-Spill Bubble Tumbler is introducing more fun products to the line. These bubble-blowing toys are great for any child who loves to create bubbles, and for any parents who want to avoid the mess or cleanup!

Rockboard takes excitement to a new level for older kids and adults too! They outfit skateboards and scooters in exciting new ways to provide a thrill for any outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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