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Editor’s Showcase – Modern Parents

At a recent Editor’s Showcase themed around the Modern Parent, many new exciting products were brought to my attention. Many of them designed to make a busy moms life easier!

Fiber One is introducing 90 calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie to their Brownie line. These delicious treats will be hitting shelves in June. This mid-day snack or dessert will satisfy any chocolate craving with the added benefit of fiber!

Crypton Super Fabric is designed to be resistant to any stains, odors or bacteria. These specially designed products are a great for a home full of kids. When’s there is a spill, just wipe it away – it’s that easy! Not only do they provide household furniture but they also provide luggage, totes, dog beds, throws and ready to use cleaners for any untreated fabric you may have.Gorton’s Seafood is a familiar sight at the grocery store, best known for their fish sticks. But this brand now extends far beyond fish sticks to include grilled fillets, shrimp, Tilapia and their new line of gluten-free products. To find recipes and coupons (to save a little on dinnertime) visit

InchBug, a mom-invented product line includes customizable items designed to make a parent’s life simpler. Their Orbit Label is a customizable label that fits snuggly around baby bottles and can be reused and grow with the child as they progress to sippy cups and water bottles.

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