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Guest Post: A Real Mother’s Day Gift- Mom’s Nite Out

What does the average mother’s day look like?  Let’s see.  Mom makes the lunch reservations, buys the gifts for her mother and mother-in-law and arranges their rides to the lunch, gets the clothes ready for the kids and husband, and packs them all in the car.  When she’s presented her gifts, mom is in the middle of wondering how her kids are behaving and what has spilled, wondering about work on Monday, and wondering how she will clean the house and what she will be cooking for dinner.  Oh, I almost forgot, she drives the kids to any and all activities during the rest of Mother’s day.  This really sounds like a holiday for and in celebration of mom, right?

Recently I met Maria Bailey, a woman who lives a plight much like the one above. She is also the author of four books about helping moms and the host of a nationally syndicated radio program for moms.  Five years ago she had an idea to give mothers a break from the chaos they balance every day and also a way to celebrate something they really love: time in a soothing environment.  Thus she launched National Mom’s Nite Out.  Being a marketing specialist for moms she knows how to make a new event successful; she tweeted the idea and 800 events were held the first year.

What has this evolved into?  This Thursday night, May 10th, 2012, free events will be held in over 130 Simon Malls around the country; over 1,000 free events will be held in person and virtually.

At Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, from 5-8, their theme is Mom’s Nite Out for the Zen Mom where there will be all kinds of free pampering for mom (full details here). The California Pizza Kitchen will be giving out samples of their new quinoa salad, Bose will be providing a meditation sound room, Godiva Chocolatier will be giving out samples of their rich chocolates, Aveda will be giving chair massages and aroma therapy, lululemon athletica will be hosting a function show, and many other stores and eateries will be celebrating life for mothers.  There will be drawings for awesome giveaways.  Mom can also participate in a yoga class with lululemon athletica ambassador Leslie Glickman (6-7:15).  Leslie has a graceful and easy way of guiding you through poses and she will take you through a journey that will leave you feeling no worries.  So wear your yoga/workout clothes and bring your mat.  There will be live music to keep everything flowing.  You can also watch demonstrations of acro yoga, suspension yoga (whatever that is), tai chi, and belly dancing.  Now that sounds like a gift for mom; actually, it is a partay in her honor!

So, do you wanna give a real gift to your mom?  Send her to this or any of the free live or online virtual festivities for Mom’s Night Out, The Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood, to be held around the country. If you’re a mom and your family doesn’t drive you to this party, you are hereby invited.  So go and enjoy yourself and then put on a huge reminiscing smile when you go out on the “real” Mother’s Day.

Gary Kahn is a man who sees life uniquely and yoga is no exception.  He laughs when others may not.  His offbeat way of experiencing life is reflected in the fact that he practices yoga with a mat which is specifically made to place under an indoor bicycle trainer.  You can read and comment on his musings at and follow him on Twitter @garykahn

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