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11 Million Moms Walking Off the Job Tonight

Tonight, millions of moms will celebrate National Mom’s Nite Out. They will leave their children with Dad or a babysitter and head out for a well-deserved break from the joys of house cleaning, diapers, laundry, cooking and cutting up someone else’s food. There are events across the country, from 100+ Simon Malls to restaurants and plenty of places in between, and I hope every Mom reading this will be able to attend a National Mom’s Nite event. If a babysitter can’t be found or a night out is not in the schedule, join us for an online Mommy Party at the Mom’s Nite Out website. Follow @momsniteout for information and updates.

National Mom’s Nite Out – always the Thursday before Mother’s Day – gives Moms a reason to celebrate with other Moms before the official US holiday this Sunday. Because, let’s face it, Moms end up taking care of their own grandmothers, mothers, mothers-in-law and aunts on “our” special day. Personally, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but the day is over before I know it.

For these reasons, and because I work with so many moms who echoed these sentiments for years, I created National Mom’s Nite Out four years ago. I sent out a single tweet asking other moms if Mother’s Day had become a busy day for them. Within minutes, thousands of moms agreed that Mother’s Day was a lot work for them. From that, we created National Mom’s Nite Out.

Whatever you do tonight to celebrate, enjoy!

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