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Ditch the Itch with Undercover Tape

Do your children hate those pesky, itchy tags on clothes? Perhaps you do, too. I’ve been known to cut tags out of clothes when they start to drive me crazy, and tags are not the only culprit. After purchasing a cute sequined or embroidered top for one of my daughters, we have discovered the sequins or seams itch and irritate skin. Thanks to two moms who thought of a solution to this problem (my favorite part), we now use Undercover Tape, a product that lets you “Ditch the Itch”. One pack contains 15 sheets that go a long way, and are perfect for travel-compact and easy to throw in a suitcase. A hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive, Undercover Tape covers tags, labels, even irritating seams and can be placed on fabric or directly on skin.

These two moms, Michele Naftal and Michelle Isrow, were on a quest to solve a problem that many parents and individuals experience. Their kids and even their husbands were complaining about pesky tabs, irritating seams and of course…itchy sequins! This was leaving hundreds of dollars of clothing going unworn, so the more they talked about this the more they found that others had the same sensory issues.

After a year of searching for solutions, they invented their own product – a bandage for clothing! Undercover Tape is designed to work with all types of clothing including sports jerseys, costumes, socks and underwear. The tape is self-adhesive and comes in whimsical, fun prints that are super soft. I have a package of the pink polka dot Undercover Tape and I love it.

Undercover Tape as a company believes in a grass roots approach with all production done locally, as well as supporting small and local businesses (love this, too). The product is available online at and in specialty stores. Check the website for locations. The company is reaching out to organizations that may benefit from Undercover Tape, such as groups that deal with Sensory Integration Disorder and autism.

I received sample of Undercover Tape to try, all opinions are my own.

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