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Quest for the West with Disney, Part 2

As I wrote last week, I’ve returned from an amazing trip to Wyoming as part of an Adventures by Disney vacation. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world with my family. We’ve seen our fair share of places, had many experiences and made many wonderful (and funny) family memories. Ironically, one of the benefits to an Adventures by Disney excursions is one we usually avoid: “someone” else planning our trip. However, once we let go of the map and followed an itinerary not created by us, we realized how much time and relaxation could be had on vacation.

The thing I love most about Adventures by Disney is that the guides are well versed on little known facts about each destination and the itinerary takes you to spots that in some cases are not accessible by the general public. Our Quest for the West adventure allowed us to go fly fishing, horseback riding and canoeing at beautiful Brooks Lodge. We were the only guests in the entire lodge, so it was a personalized luxury dude ranch of sorts. We picnicked along Jenny Lake in the beautiful Tetons and arrived at Old Faithful just in time to see the geyser blow. Yes, I could have planned this trip myself and in fact, I did 10 years ago when my children were younger. But this time, I did activities that I would have otherwise skipped.

The kid’s favorite activity was the white water raft trip down the Snake River. I personally enjoyed Movie Nite when Disney gives parents the night off by entertaining our children with a Disney flick. What I’ve discovered that the kids enjoy their special time alone as much I do. Mom needs a vacation, too.

If you are thinking that this type of trip is cost prohibitive, think again. While it is not inexpensive, a quick estimate of the numbers shows that an Adventures by Disney trip is close to what a family of four would pay to visit Orlando for 7 days. With the planning and work done by the Disney team, it leaves so much time to really enjoy the destination and family time.

Adventures by Disney Guided Vacations are worth it, with locations to choose from like London, Egypt, South Africa, a “Brave” trip to Scotland and so many more. Visit the website or call 877.728.7282

Thank you to Disney for providing accommodations and a fantastic vacation experience for my family.

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