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Secrets to a Successful App Launch

By Rick Singer

The prevalence of mobile marketing across the world is self-explanatory due to the rise in mobile phone users over the past decade. It’s soon predicted that nearly 98 percent of the world will have at least 1 cellular or mobile device, connecting individuals with each other and opening the flood gates to new product innovations. Let’s face it, fellow businessmen and women—old school methods of marketing our products just won’t cut it anymore; we need more inventive methods to push our offerings across the specific channels of interest, and mobile devices are the platform that will get results. Why else would people have better luck allowing a professional organization to promote mobile marketing through apps—and is saving the money actually worth it? Let’s examine:

Self-Promotion Is Problematic
Not everyone has the penchant for taking an ideology or product invention and pushing it across professional or customer channels. Hiring the services of a professional organization that has experience in marketing mobile applications would be exponentially beneficial to your long-term profitability goals. Besides, many businesses can easily see mistakes they’re making when another professional mobile marketing firm takes the reins and controls the direction of the mobile marketing campaign. Most self-promotions are problematic when the proprietor has little experience in pushing their wares effectively across correct marketing channels or knowing how to manage a marketing budget.

App Marketing Takes Time
Business owners simply need to spend their time in developing their product or service offerings and cannot give the full attention that app marketing deserves—all the more reason to hire a professional marketing firm to care for your application marketing needs. Time is all that marketing professionals have, and to have professional mobile application marketers capturing customers for you is more beneficial, no matter how long you hire them for, or what nominal fee they may charge.

Marketing Errors Are Costly
Millions of marketing errors are committed daily from simple miscalculations to targeting the wrong demographical information; many of these errors are committed by inexperienced professionals that have little direction in proper marketing prowess. Therefore, instead of wasting thousands of dollars in marketing errors, spend considerably less and hire professional mobile application marketing firms to take care of your mobile app needs correctly and free of massive errors. The simplest mistake in targeting could cost both customers and website ranking, which are two major no-no’s that could instantly sink an online business.

Hiring the professionalism of mobile marketing specialists who understand current trends in both application marketing and the mobile web platforms is simply the more logical choice for businesses or entrepreneurs that lack sufficient experience and the understanding that are required to run an effective mobile application marketing campaign. If you truly want to build a long-lasting customer base that frequents your storefront, it would not only benefit you to hire somebody professional to handle your marketing affairs, but it would also benefit you to hire someone to optimize your entire website for the mobile web, since you can incorporate direct website contact through mobile apps.

Rick Singer is the founder and CEO of, a media company that focuses on app marketing and consumer use of apps. Mr. Singer is also a consultant in the mobile industry and has been quoted in many prestigious publications including Fox Business and Smart Money. For more strategies on creating an app, visit

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