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Guest Post: Product Review & Party Time: Hearts For Hearts Girls®!

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Recently, we had a girls’ party in the park, with six girls from three families, ranging in age from one to eleven. We were there to have fun with Hearts For Hearts Girls® dolls, of which we’d been given two from the brand and from MommyParties!


The great thing about Hearts For Hearts dolls is that for every one purchased, a donation for needy girls in other countries is made! The dolls are all representative of different countries, so in addition to the fun of playing with some really awesome, well-made dolls, collecting them results in the ability to have a great cultural lesson between parents and children!

Dell USA

The first doll we were given was Dell, representing the USA. Like all Hearts For Hearts Girls®, Dell stands 14″ high and has a poseable, smooth vinyl body, and high-quality rooted hair for hours of doll play. Her eyes are a deep teal-blue, and her
gleaming hair is a true brunette brown. A sprinkle of freckles crosses her nose
and cheeks.
Dell comes dressed in a summery floral top of corals and pinks, and frayed
jean cut-offs of real denim.

Also, like all the HFHG dolls, Dell comes with plenty of accessories, including:

  • Camouflage baseball cap
  • Suede choker with enamel-like butterfly pendant
  • Bright bangle bracelets
  • Silvery flower dangle earrings
  • Slip-on polka-dot distressed tennis shoes
  • Doll-sized hair comb with hair elastic
  • Girl-sized H4HG power bracelet
  • Beautiful mini storybook about Dell’s life

Pretty cool, huh?

Consuelo Mexico

The second doll we were given was Consuelo, representing Mexico. Her hair is a waist-length fall of shining black and her eyes are deep brown with copper highlights.
Consuelo comes dressed in a ruffled, lace-trimmed turquoise skirt and a
lime-green blouse with lively floral embroidery on the collar. Her accessories include:

  • Silvery hoop earrings strung with bright beads
  • Color-coordinated bangle bracelets
  • Festive hot pink flower head band.
  • Bright pink shoes with silky ribbon ties
  • Doll-sized hair comb with hair elastic
  • Girl-sized H4HG power bracelet
  • Beautiful mini storybook about Consuelo’s life

The dolls are completely collectible, and every girl there couldn’t wait to get their hands on them! We were technically supposed to give one away and keep one for ourselves, but my girls and I decided that each of the other two families, also each with two girls (an older child and a 1-year-old), should get to pick a doll. To be fair, I had them try to guess my secret number, and the one who came closest without going over got to choose first:


That honor went to Team RB, who chose Consuelo from Mexico. They opened her right up and checked her out. Later, their mama told me, “The doll is wonderful, easy to play with, dress and undress. The girls have been doing her hair, and she even fits clothing from another brand of dolls! We loved reading about her culture and even discussing how she is different and similar to us … lots of questions about Mexico and Mexican heritage, even got to discuss my own mother being part-Mexican 🙂smile

Sounds like a win!


That left the USA’s Dell for Team SB. Miss G also opened her doll up right away and began exploring all the goodness that was contained within the box. (For my girls and everyone else who wanted one, we were given a whole bunch of extra HFHG bracelets to wear, and they loved that!) Miss G’s mommy later told me, “G loves her doll! She slept with it the first night! The next day we did her hair together. G likes her cute clothes and the fact that she moves so easily.”

Sounds like another winner – fantastic!

I’m so pleased that the dolls were such a huge success, and I’d love to hear if you get one, too. I know both of my girls are hoping to get one for Christmas, and I think they shall. I can’t wait to go pick out which one for each of them!

**I can offer you the following code for $5 off your purchase, too: H4HAUG12, good through October 2012. Please let me know which one you choose, if you do!**

And remember, in addition to the fun your girls can have with their Hearts For Hearts Girls® in real life and online, as well as games and activities on the site, each one sold does a good deed for a needy girl in other countries. And I think that’s great – so check ’em out!

Disclaimer: and provided me with two dolls to keep and/or give away. No other compensation, monetary or otherwise, took place. As always, all opinions are and alway will be my own.

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