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Guest Post: Creativity For Kids #FaberCastellParty #CreativityforKids

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Now that warm weather is behind us and long winter months (yes I said it) are just around the corner, its time to start thinking about ways to keep our kids busy with fun indoor activities.  I was asked to try out some awesome crafting kits called Creativity For Kids by Faber-Castell, so I thought I would ask my Girl Scout troop to help me out.

I set up all the cute goodies before they came, I love that each kit contains everything you need for that craft so you don’t have to worry about getting extra supplies.

The girls started out by decorating the cute zebra striped bags that they would use to take their goodies home.

They loved making their own headbands, I could not believe some of the designs they came up with.  Some of the girls got really creative, braiding the ribbons and adding so much detail.

They made bottle cap necklaces and decided to exchange them with each other.  I really liked that the instructions were easy to follow on all the projects, the girls could read them and figure out what to do on their own.

Crazy girls wearing the headbands, bracelets and necklaces that they made.  We had a blast, Creativity for Kids is perfect for troops, sleep overs, birthday parties or just to add some fun to your kids day.

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