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Reminder: The Holiday Season is a Marathon…Not a Sprint

Tick tock tick tock.  The holiday clock is racing ahead and the first big event, Thanksgiving, is next week.  Are you prepared?

This year 25 million homes will host Thanksgiving dinners (2010 U.S. Census data), and if one of those is yours, that growing “To Do” list may already be stressing you out.  But stress not:  With some advance planning and the right tools, you’ll be able to cross everything off your list in no time and really be able to enjoy the holiday dinner.

Samsung is helping you plan for the busiest time of the year with Make Your House Work for the Holidays, your new online go-to resource to cut the stress and increase your hosting success.  Chock full of ideas and inspiration for making your home run smoother this holiday season, Make Your House Work is a one-stop Facebook hub that has tips and tricks for planning, cooking and cleaning.  And…it has some delicious recipes for you!

According to a 2011 study by Market Intelligence Group, you need about 27 cu. ft. of refrigerator space to hold holiday groceries – yet the average fridge is only 24 cu. ft.! Clear some room with these easy tips:

  • Get to Clearing: Toss out items past their expiration and commit to using nearly empty items like dressings, sauces and marinades in your meals this week to make way for new products.
  • Wipe Up That Mess: Be sure to wipe down not only shelves and bins but also the rims of bottles and condiments which can easily leak.  A simple cleaning solution of 2 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart hot water will do the trick without leaving behind a scent that food can absorb.
  • Divide into “Zones”: Divide the fridge into zones and assign a specific function to each shelf and drawer. Think about how the family reaches for snacks or prepares meals (dinner ingredients, lunch fixings, breakfast condiments), and organize accordingly.

Now that your fridge is clean, you can start really planning for the holiday.  Check out these smart ideas from cooking expert Christina Stanley-Salerno. Christina is founder of and a work-at-home mother of two growing boys. She has an intense passion for the family meal and knows first-hand the challenges of trying to get a meal on the table!

  • With less than one week until Thanksgiving, plan your menu and make a shopping list – in an average week, home cooks will spend 30 minutes in the supermarket but during a holiday week it’s up to two hours[1]. That’s why it’s important you group your grocery list by aisle so you save time in a crowded supermarket. The Epicurious app on the Samsung LCD Refrigerators with apps allows you to forward ingredient lists from favorite recipes for instant access on the go.
  • Master the perfect place setting – the day before the feast, download the place setting guide via the Samsung Make Your House Work for the Holidays hub and set the table a day in advance so you aren’t rushing around on the big day.
  • Maximize your refrigerator space and make room for more food –  the newSamsung 32 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator is the largest in its class and has enough room to fit up to 32 bags of groceries for your big holiday shop.  That means fewer trips to the market during the holiday rush.

If all else fails, keep in mind that 15 percent of families decide to “wing it” when it comes to cooking on the big day, so if you’re feeling unprepared, just remember, its ok to go with your gut (Viewpoints, 2012)! Remember, the Holiday Season is a Marathon, Not a Sprint, so don’t get in a rut post-Thanksgiving. Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more information on ways to help you get up and running this season – from holiday planning to cooking and cleaning.

Visit the Samsung Home Appliance Facebook page for more planning, cooking and cleaning tips and tricks this season.  Also via the page, you can enter for a chance to win a suite of kitchen appliances, just in time for the holidays!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Samsung Home Appliances.

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