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Pinypon Party Fun

Have you heard of Pinypon? They are interchangeable mini-dolls.  You can mix and match everything – dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces!  The kids and I were selected to have our own Pinypon party.  These Pinypon dolls are suitable for girls, ages 4-7.

Check out all the goodies we received!
A closer view.

We received 12 Pinypon dolls, 2 Pinypons caravans, and 2 Nenuco Baby Dolls, and lots of coupons – everyone received a Pinypon and we were able to raffle off a caravan and baby doll!
We had a lot of fun getting ready for the party – decorating and getting all the food ready.  We served our own version of On the Road Trail Mix, Fashion Makeover Cupcakes, and Cuties!
We omitted chocolate chips due to a guest having an allergy and used fun star marshmallows – this was a huge hit!
Kid approved…
The cupcake bar – lots of sprinkles!
As guests arrived they played a Pinypon scavenger hunt.

Find a Pinypon picture and trade it in for an actual doll.  If you look closely you will see some Pinypon’s hiding.
A and B were pretty excited to get their own caravan.
And our own Nenuco baby out of the box!
And let me just say, that C was uber excited that they have a boy doll.  I know that these are mostly intended for girls but he had a fun time joining in.
Handing out the first doll.
And the next…
You see the theme, yes – everyone got one!
The cupcake bar in action…
Yeah for cupcakes.
And the raffle winners are:
M won the Nenuco baby doll.
And our friend E won the Pinypon caravan, she was a bit excited.
The girls had a lot of fun trading different pieces and really making the dolls unique and their own.  The hair, head, body, legs and accessories are removable and interchange between figures.  Each head also has two expressions – one of the front and it can be reversed – the kids loved that.  I enjoyed hearing some of their names – Lemon, Lime, Ellie, Orange, Princess, and Watermelon just to name a few.  So in short, these dolls were a lot of fun and the kids had a great time playing with them.
A few of their dolls after trading.
Another finished doll
So now that you know a bit more about Pinypon, what do you think?  Would your kids enjoy playing with these?  You can check out Pinypon on facebook here and twitter here.  And to learn more about Nenuco you can find them on facebook here and twitter here!

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