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BlueSuitMom Great Find: Bobee™ Diaper and Wipe Dispenser

This month, meet Huggies® Brand Mom Inspired™ recipient Stacy Harfert, who created the Bobee™ Diaper and Wipe Dispenser.

Diapers, wipes, pee, powder, poo, clothes, cream, pail, and baby. The circus juggling act of changing a baby happens as often as eight times a day for up to 10 minutes at a time. No mom will argue that she easily spends over an hour a day changing and re-changing diapers. Mastering this skill is a must for any mom, new or seasoned. It takes tremendous time and patience to get the motions down, and about the time you do, the little one learns to roll over, and the dance begins again! Finally, I found myself fed up with it after only a few weeks and created a product to solve the problem.

Luckily, I am pretty handy with a tool belt and used that knowledge to experiment with all sorts of materials, from Plexiglas to cardboard. Eventually, I ended up creating a wall-mounted unit to hold not just the diapers but the wipes too. It struck me as the best solution to less stress. It made it easy to find them and easy to access them, and it freed up the changing table space for the rest of the supplies. I had seen other organizers on the market and did a lot of product research prior to going into production, and the fact that it was mounted on the wall really intrigued a lot of moms. Through my research I learned how important it was to make the nursery room so special for their children. With that I knew it was important to be able to customize the dispenser by including stickers so it could be coordinated with the nursery room.

I named my invention the Bobee™ Diaper and Wipe Dispenser and debuted it at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last spring. The response was overwhelming, and I landed a dozen retail locations. My business gained tremendous attention when I was awarded a Huggies® Brand Mom Inspired™ grant from Kimberly Clark last fall, and I have not sat still since. The feedback from other moms is what I enjoy the most. Moms actually email me photos of their Bobee™ decorated to match their nursery.

To learn more about the Bobee™ Diaper and Wipe Dispenser, please visit

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