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Duo Games on iPad – Perfect for Kids!

If you’re an iPad user, you’re used to having fun, information and entertainment at your fingertips. How about adding in family togetherness? With the new line of Duo Games, you and your family will love the enhanced, shared gaming experiences that these app-supported accessories provide.

Mary’s 6-year-old DD visited the office last week, and we had the perfect test subject! She loves Dora, so the Dora the Explorer game was a hit! As she moved along in the game, she got so excited when she answered the questions and the coin dropped in backpack!

So cute.

Duo review

There are four (4) new Duo products that are sure to be a hit with iPad users of all ages:

  • Duo Pinball- Experience some pinball wizardry and relive your favorite arcade moments with Duo Pinball. Flipper buttons and a spring-loaded plunger make pinball game play unbelievably real.
  • Atari Arcade- Relive the fast-action excitement of your arcade days with Atari Arcade. With its joystick and buttons, Atari Arcade is exactly the way arcade games were meant to be played.
  • Dora Let’s Play Backpack- Get ready for adventure fit for explorers big and small with Dora Let’s Play Backpack. Players answer Dora’s questions about matching, listening, logic and Spanish language by placing tokens on the Let’s Play Backpack color that matches their answer. The top of Backpack rotates, collecting tokens for correct answers – no scorekeeping or counting necessary
  • Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station- Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station is an app-supported active play device that gets kids jumping, spinning, skipping, and racing with their favorite engine friends! Six engine cards interact with Steam Team Station and iPad for fun-filled game play that gets kids up and moving.



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