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New App for Busy Moms

I’ve found a cool new app called Ringya that transforms contact lists into smart, organized mobile “Rings”. Let’s face it: most of us still use a paper list to keep track of phone numbers, as evidenced by the papers all over the fridge! Now, this new app effortlessly transforms contact lists into mobile, digital, organized sets of contacts, by snapping a photo of paper contact lists or emailing the app digital lists. Ringya puts contacts at your fingertips – making them accessible when you need them, and always in context.

Ringya is changing the way we organize personal address books on our smartphones, by providing consumers instant access to valuable contacts that should be in their personal address book but aren’t. Ringya is the first and only app that allows users to upload dozens of names, numbers and email addresses, simply by snapping a photo of a contact list and automatically transforming it into a mobile, digital set of contacts. Here’s a ring from the fridge, so cool!

Ring as list from fridge

Rings can be shared with everyone in the same group and users who share a group can collaborate in keeping their contact information up to date. Users can search information within a Ring and can call, text or email individuals or groups. Ringya also features contextual caller ID so you know who is calling and how they fit into your world.

To see Ringya in action, view this video:

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