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Have You Checked Out the New MomTV?

Fresh from a recent revamp of the site, the new is rocking the videos! We’ve made it so easy to watch videos on every topic imaginable, create your own account and upload your own videos and so much more. Hundreds of videos are posted every week by moms just like you who want to share everything from fitness and weight loss tips to family travel ideas and product reviews. If you are starved for time (who isn’t?), we’ve also got the “Best of the Web” videos.


Not only are moms creating their own channels, but experts are also creating videos. Live shows are available with interactive chat features, as well as videos on demand. Check the show calendar here. I urge you to take a look at that MomTV has to offer for the mom who has a little bit of time to research a topic or the mom who wants to develop a presence. You can also easily embed your existing videos from YouTube as well. It’s so easy, check it out today at

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