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Medicine Safe Keeps Prescription, OTC Meds Locked Up!

While we hear a lot about older children and teens finding their parents’ or grandparents’ prescription drugs, we still need to be vigilant about our little ones getting in to medicine that can be harmful. When I heard about Medicine Safe, I googled “accidental” “child” “medication” “ingestion”, just out of curiosity. The results are scary.

The FDA’s latest article warns of the dangers and actual cases of issues with children and something as simple as over-the-counter nasal sprays and eye drops that can cause serious problems. Another article at says that “more and more children are ending up in emergency rooms after accidentally taking medications designed for adults” and goes on to cite a report by Safe Kids Worldwide, an advocacy group for child safety, that says: “…in 2012 that roughly 165 children in the U.S. are rushed to emergency rooms each day after finding and taking medications.”

Enter the Medicine Safe. You get peace of mind knowing your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine is safe, secure and organized in one place. A patent-pending locking mechanism and steel reinforced body provides security and easily fits inside your medicine cabinet or vanity drawer. Take a look at, where you can find out more about this great idea that keeps kids safe and healthy!

Medicine Safe provided a product sample; all opinions and links to the FDA and are my own.

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