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From Breakfast to Dinner: Healthy Meal Ideas for your Child

Getting your child off to school with a healthy meal in their belly can be a challenge for any parent. Not to mention, packing a healthy lunch and having a snack and dinner for them after the school day. At Wednesday’s Editor’s Showcase many health and nutrition products were featured that are geared towards keeping a growing family like yours healthy.

Almonds are not only a great snack, but are a healthy and tasty way to power up any meal, especially in the morning. Add this protein kick sprinkled on top of your child’s cereal or oatmeal, or you can try a slice of toast slathered with almond butter and a little honey.


The gluten free market is growing quickly and Lucky Spoon Bakery is here to help by providing delicious, gluten free, baked goods. With a variety of muffins and cookies including Chocolatey Chip and Lemon Poppy Seed, these will brighten up any drab paper bag lunch.


When your child gets home from school with a rumbling tummy, try Crunch Pak’s snacks. From sliced apples, to Disney themed fruit and cheese dishes, there is something for everyone. These “paks” are fun and easily transportable, making them perfect to eat on the way to baseball practice or a dance lesson.


A family favorite is the classic pasta dinner. DelGrosso pasta sauces includes every flavor your taste buds could imagine – Three Cheese, Garden Style, Tradition, Sunday Marinara, Puttanesca, the list goes on!


Dinner would not be complete without a sweet bite to round out the day. Garden Lites recently introduced Veggie Muffins, which are made of 1/3 fresh vegetables! But with flavors like Zucchini Chocolate Veggie and Carrot Berry, your family will never be able to taste the difference.veggielite

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