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Adorable Doll Find at Toy Fair – My Friend Huggles

As promised, I’m covering a few of my favorite finds from Toy Fair, where I noticed a “back to basics” theme at a few of the booths. The My Friend Huggles collection fits this theme, letting children “learn values through play”. Developed with the mission of instilling children with character values like fairness, gratefulness, honesty and kindness, these dolls are high-quality, life-size, and positively impact the morale and well-being of children. I could keep raving about them, but the best way to see how cute they are is to watch this video with Brenda, the creator of My Friend Huggles. Find out about the dolls, an online community and the Huggles Challenge…so cute!


Meet a couple of the dolls: On the right is Rubi, teaching gratefulness. Next to Rubi is Sofia, who teaches generosity. Each doll has a special virtue message attached to her, along with a Forever Mark and Seal of Authenticity. Check them out, you will love them for your children.


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