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Pony Shells An Adorable Hair Accessory (for everyone!)

Guest post by Mary Donnellan

For the girl moms out there, take a look at these adorable hair accessories called Pony Shells ( I discovered these colorful items recently and thought, since I have two daughters with polar opposite personalities, this would be a fun item to review. Pony Shells are available in many colors and patterns and are easy to use. Both girls were able to quickly use the Pony Shell in their hair. My youngest, only 6, is the girly girl who loves princesses, frilly skirts and playing dressup (all day if she could) and who was supposed to be the test subject for this product. Why? The oldest thinks skirts are the worst creation ever and that shoes are for sissies. A Florida girl all around.

Interestingly, my tomboy grabbed the pink, jewel-encrusted, blingy Pony Shell first! And here’s where the story gets funny (and typical if your kids conflict in any way whatsoever). At breakfast on a school day, older DD notices the Pony Shell on the counter and asks if she can wear it to school. Thinking she would never in a million years touch a cute (and did I mention, PINK!) hair clip, I am thrilled that she wants to wear it. (In my head, I’m cheering, “Finally”, she wants to dress like a girl!”). Notice, however, to the far right edge of this photo amid the clutter of breakfast foods. Yep. That’s my youngest – the pink-loving girl – who is watching all of this and wondering, a) why I would betray her by giving a hair bow to her sister and b) why I would waste it on said sister who only wears board shorts and tie-dye shirts whenever possible. You can even see her face, and it’s not a happy one!


What happened next is fit for a reality show. The little one launches into a full-blown meltdown. Tears and crying and more tears as I try to negotiate the situation, schedule days to alternate who will wear the Pony Shell, and finally resort to an alternative bow that makes her cry more as their dad threatens to leave the house without her. It was a lovely morning in our house, and all over a rather cute hair accessory. If that’s not the highest form of praise….I don’t know what is.

In the end, my older daughter went totally out of character AGAIN, and as she was walking out the door, handed the Pony Shell to her little sister. Two stunning events before 7:30 a.m. on a random Tuesday. This only means that I will be ordering more Pony Shells, not only for the youngest, but for the thrilling promise (to me) that her older sister will wear them now, too!


I received one Pony Shell to review. No other compensation was received, opinions are my own.

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