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Budget Cuts and Air Travel

As a regular contributor to Wyndham’s Jane Air Crew, a women’s travel blog, I the post below back in February and as you will see at the bottom, had sincerely hoped it would become irrelevant. Sadly (and frustratingly for the millions of business travelers out there), the post is very relevant as federal budget cuts have made headlines every day this week as they finally kick in at airports across the country. Here’s the post and tips for managing in this new reality of air travel:


As a women’s travel blog, this is not a space for politics. However, in light of recent news involving the budget crisis in Washington, politics (really, the inability to compromise on both sides) are going to affect air travel and I felt it was worth a quick post.

Whether you fly for business or pleasure, be prepared for budget cuts that will affect your travel plans. Airport personnel – TSA agents and air traffic controllers – face furlough days and industry experts predict the closure of smaller and fixed-base airports.

What does this mean for travelers? Whether you are a frequent flyer or making summer vacation plans, a little more planning and a lot of patience will be required as you face longer lines, more flight delays (industry experts predict a 90-minute average) and even cancellations.

Plan for these situations from the start with these tips:

  • Airport directors are suggesting a return to the 2-hour arrival window to ensure enough time for fewer services and longer lines;
  • As always, check early and often on your flight status. Sign up for the text or email alerts that most airlines offer;
  • Be prepared when you arrive at the airport. Print out boarding passes from home, have your paperwork and ID ready;
  • For families, bring plenty of activities for the children. Now you not only have to plan for the actual flight, but time at the airport if there are delays.

By the time this article posts, I sincerely hope this post is old news. In case it is valid, I will see you in line at the security checkpoint. Safe travels.

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