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Pinterest Interests for Mother’s Day

May is the month for moms. Between National Mom’s Nite Out and Mother’s Day, there’s a lot of celebrating around motherhood. Recently while browsing Pinterest, I started noticing many new Mother’s Day and mom-related pins popping up on my friends’ boards.

I decided to create my latest Pinterest Interests post on Mother’s Day and mom-centric Pinterest boards. Check out a few of my favorites below!


  1. Let Mom Shine from Zales – You’ve probably seen me mention Zales recently regarding their Friend Your Mom Movement. I decided to include their “Let Mom Shine” board in my Pinterest Interests, because I think they have some great gifts highlighted that moms will love. You can also check out their Let Mom Shine collection on their website to buy something for your mom or drop some hints around the house for what you’d like.
  2. Mother’s Day from Real Simple – Real Simple is a magazine that I know a lot of moms enjoy reading. I think they have a great Pinterest account that is worth following. Their Mother’s Day board has a variety of great gifts and recipes to make Mother’s Day a sweet day for any mom.
  3. Fashion for Moms from – Emily Vanek has curated a board full of some fun fashion for moms. Throw away the mom jeans, ladies! It’s time to get stylish! Check out Emily’s board for some fashion inspiration and don’t be afraid to buy yourself something to feel sassy in this upcoming Mother’s Day.
  4. Mother’s Day Wishlist from Nicole Feliciano– Tired of getting the same old thing every Mother’s Day? Do What Nicole did and make your own Mother’s Day wish list on Pinterest! I love Nicole’s board because it’s filled with a variety of fun things from beauty products to clothes to gardening gifts. If you need some inspiration for a gift for your own mom, or haven’t even thought about what you want, I say Nicole’s board is a great place to start looking.
  5. Moms Nite Out from Maria Bailey – Can I toot my own horn here and list my own Pinterest board? I think I will! National Mom’s Nite Out is the first nationally organized celebration of motherhood intended to bring together today’s moms, physically and virtually. I love pinning things to this board that would go well with Mom’s Nite Out, from cute outfits to delicious cocktails. I hope you will celebrate Mom’s Nite Out this year on Thursday, May 9th!

Have you seen a great Mother’s Day board or have you created one of your own? Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest so I can take a look at your boards and possibly feature you in an upcoming post!

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