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Here Comes The Sun Little Darlings: Time For Outdoor Family Fun

Contributed by Sarah Stevenson

The rise of technology and the need for two income homes has taken a huge toll to quality family time, not to mention the health of our children. Turn that trend around this spring and teach your kids fitness lessons that will last a lifetime by taking the family outside for some sun and fun. Here is a list of activities that will inspire you and your crew to grab bikes, kites and picnic baskets for some good old-fashioned family bonding.

  1. Fun Bag: Always be prepared for an impromptu funfest with the kids. Kids love spontaneity, it gives a person the sense that you never quite know when a party is going to break out. Create a fun bag filled with balls, bubbles, kites, Frisbees and any other toys that you can play with at the park or beach. Keep it in your car so that at any point in time you can pull over and spend some quality fun time with the kiddos.
  2. Pull Out The Bikes: Bikes are an easy way to get somewhere with the added benefit of exercise and vitamin D. Instead of driving to breakfast next Saturday, get the bikes out and get the whole family on the road. This will give you time to laugh and work up an appetite.
  3. Clean Up Your World: Have your family join in on a beach or park clean up. This allows you and your clan to get some exercise and to work together for a greater cause. Altruistic parents raise altruistic kids that make the world a happier, cleaner place to live.
  4. Put The Sun To Bed: My son and I live very close to the beach so we make it a priority to watch the sun sink into the ocean at least once a week. This is a time for us to bond and appreciate the beauty of nature. We also meet some really great families that make it a habit to do the same.
  5. Moonlight Adventures: You don’t necessarily need the sun to have fun when the weather is warm. Invest in a telescope and take your crew to the desert or a secluded area with very little lighting so you can view and gaze at the stars and planets together. You can even make it a tradition to do some special outdoor activity every full moon.
  6. Charity Walk: This time of year is flush with opportunities to get exercise and donate to a good cause. Pick a charity that the whole family can agree on or vow to walk for at least one charity for each family member. This will give you plenty of time to bond as you meet amazing people and help those less fortunate than you.
  7. Ice Blocking: This activity is a blast but must be supervised by a responsible parent to avoid catastrophe. Many large grocery stores sell blocks of ice. Purchase a few and find a nice big hill. Throw a towel on it, sit your bottom down and, voila! You have a homemade roller coaster. You will laugh so hard and be the coolest parents on the block (pun intended). But use caution because a family trip the emergency room is on my list of “Things To Do To Bore Your Family” list.
  8. Back Yard Fun: There is plenty of fun waiting for you and your family in your own backyard. If you have a hose, you are good to go. Slip ‘n Slides, to name one classic backyard toy, are a funny, cooling and exhausting way to bond with the family. Or get the whole family together to garden. You will get the job done quicker and your children will take pride in your home.
  9. “When I Was A Kid” Day: Last summer my son and I spent a whole day playing the way I did in the 70’s and 80’s. We had water balloon fights, ran through the sprinklers, invited the neighbors over for a good old fashion game of red rover and even played kick the can. He learned two things. 1.) Not to turn his nose up to the phrase, “When I was a kid…” 2.) You don’t need technology to have a rip roaring good time.
  10. Hiking: Get your hiking boots out, it’s time for a family adventure. Find an easy nature trail or an intense climb. This is a great time to teach children about plants, creatures and rock formations. Bring a camera to capture the moments. This is an activity even Fido can join in on.

Families that play together stay together! What are you waiting for? Go get some sunshine.


Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a., The Tini Yogini, is a Certified Yoga Instructor in Southern California. She has a degree in Behavioral Psychology and teaches not only yoga classes but also life affirming workshops. She also writes for, which provides effective weight loss fitness programs for all fitness levels.

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