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Saving Eastleigh, A Small Farm Story

Knowing the importance of small farms, eating “local” and healthy foods, I’m pleased to bring you the story of Eastleigh Farms. Owned by my friend and radio colleague Doug Stephan, you’ll want to hear about his passion for preserving this small farm in Framingham. Here’s the story:

If there ever was an impact on America, it’s America’s farmers. Yet the impact is both positive and, as growth would have it, negative. Although the American farmer’s value system has done much to strengthen our country through hard work, clean and healthy living, and just down-to-earth community spirit, the growth from small farms to huge agricultural corporations, from initially “organic” methods to now GMO and chemical proliferation is now a problem.

friendly cow

However, there are still small farmers who cling to the value system that is the foundation for our great country, and many are losing the battle to survive. One of these is Eastleigh Farm located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Interestingly, the reason it has survived so far is largely to the passion of a broadcast media professional and success story who has used the revenue from his business to save it. This has become too large a burden and without help, Eastleigh Farm will easily fall prey to large development losing its beautiful open spaces for those who have loved visiting the farm to get away from the stresses of development.

Doug Stephan of Doug Stephan’s Good Day, a talk radio show in its 25th year, ranked top 4 and reaching millions each week in 485 markets that include Chicago, New York and LA, purchased Eastleigh Farm 7 years ago due to his memory of working on dairy farms as a kid. In fact, he worked at Eastleigh Farm itself as a youth.

Over the past 7 years, Doug, a vegetarian, has made certain that the cows are not just humanely treated but loved and respected. He never slaughters them, makes sure they lead healthy, happy lives in beautiful pastures, and when they are too old to produce milk, he retires them to more beautiful fields to gracefully graze.

Plus, Doug has made certain that the pastures are non-GMO seeded and that chemicals are never used. The milk is sold on the farm raw, the healthiest and most delicious form of milk. In fact, Eastleigh Farm is one of the last raw milk dairies in the entire State. Doug actively advocates for raw milk and consistently invites people on his radio show to speak about its health benefits.

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Due to Doug’s work to save Eastleigh Farm and all it stands for, he has created a nonprofit organization so that contributions to the crowdfunding campaign, now in its last couple of weeks on Indiegogo (, are tax-deductible. His intent is to save the farm and provide valuable education for our youth as well as save the open space, sustain humane animal welfare, keep advocating for raw milk and “real food,” and provide a respite for those seeking to get away from the stresses of over-development.

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Eastleigh Farm exemplifies the value system of farming and the families who hang on to the remaining vestiges of the small farmer lifestyle that grew our country and made it strong. Help and have fun doing that by visiting the campaign and choosing one of its creative perks as a reward for your participation.

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