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How To Involve Your Teen In 5 Major Family Celebrations

The transition between childhood and the teenage years can create some awkward moments for your child when it comes to playing a role in family celebrations. While your thirteen year-old may be too mature to act as the adorable ring-bearer or the angelic flower girl, she might still enjoy the opportunity to be an important part of the event. Giving them the opportunity to voice their opinion and feel like their ideas matter is always a great way to keep them engaged in the family festivities. Here are a few suggestions for creating teen-appropriate roles for five of the most common family celebrations.



For the marriage of an older sibling or other close family member, consider giving your young teen the opportunity to be a junior bridesmaid or groomsman. This includes him or her in the wedding party and provides age-appropriate responsibilities that are appropriate. You could also appoint them to be a gift, seating, or guest book attendant and have them wear wedding colors to set them apart from the other guests. provides great information for utilizing junior bridal party members.

Baby Showers

While young teens no doubt share in the excitement of a sibling’s baby announcement, their attention is bound to be more focused on things that are a little closer to their age. Help them participate in a baby shower by giving them the chance to help select the shower decorations or favors. Have them checkout the Party Pail website to get the direction and theme ideas they need to bring it all together.


A graduation is always an important milestone. Give teens the chance to participate in an older family member’s graduation by having them help with the planning of a surprise party or present. Allow them to take part in the shopping and decoration throughout all the top-secret preparations. Your teen can get some fun surprise party tips by visiting

Engagement Parties

Since engagement parties require dozens of invitations for family and friends, allow your child to help in the invite writing, addressing or both. Bringing them along to offer suggestions on the style and colors of the invitations is another great way to keep them involved from the very beginning. See for a unique selection of engagement party invites that even your teen will love.


Anniversaries provide the perfect opportunity for siblings to plan together for mom and dad. Have younger teens participate by allowing them to offer theme suggestions and location ideas. Get them involved by bringing them along to view possible venues, shop for decorations and sample food and dessert options. They can also visit websites like to discover which gifts traditionally go with each anniversary so mom and dad can receive a memorable and unique gift.

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