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Single Moms & the Changing Face of Mother’s Day

Single moms make up a larger portion of the U.S. population than ever, with 18.1 million American children living in single-mother households in 2009, according to the U.S. Population Reference Bureau. And yet, the standard depiction of Mother’s Day still involves a nuclear family, with a married mother and father and their two or three children. Fortunately, national awareness surrounding single mothers’ tireless efforts continues to grow, which is why single moms now enjoy a greater range of inclusive Mother’s Day activities and gifts, not to mention lovely celebrations with their friends and family members.

Banding Together On Mother’s Day

For many single moms, Mother’s Day can prove incredibly lonely, even if all the kids are still living at home. It can help for fellow single parents to band together when Mother’s Day arrives, whether on the actual holiday or during a separate round of festivities. Whether it’s a trip to a local buffet for lunch or a large Mother’s Day shindig with several single moms and their kids, it will benefit not only the separated or divorced mom, but also long-time single mothers. Keep it light and fun, but also solidify a formation of moral support for mothers struggling with the financial and emotional implications of single parenting.

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For single moms lacking other single friends, Huffington Post suggests loved ones consider inviting their single mother friends out to celebrate. They will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and feel less alone.

Single Moms And Dating

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Whether they’re casually dating or involved in serious relationships, single moms often struggle to navigate the intersection of significant others and kids on Mother’s Day. Should boyfriends be asked to celebrate with family members? Do they need to purchase gifts? The answer to these questions will depend greatly on the nature of the relationship. Generally, the more serious the relationship, the more involved the significant other should be. This may mean taking mom out to dinner with her kids or investing in a touching Mother’s Day gift. Flowers are always safe and welcomed, and companies like FTD deliver to moms at work or home, depending on your preference.

LGBTQ-friendly Mother’s Day For Single Moms

A growing number of LGBTQ moms celebrate Mother’s Day without the support of spouses, and also struggle to attach meaning to a holiday that, in addition to being couple-oriented, is also often targeted to heterosexual mothers. Awareness of LGBTQ moms is on the rise, however, especially given the growing prevalence of legalized gay marriage and same-sex adoption. The Wire points out that Google highlighted a same-sex pair in its popular 2013 Mother’s Day tribute, although this video did nothing to address the plight of single LGBTQ moms. Another promising LGBTQ Mother’s Day initiative put forth by the Californian non-profit Strong Families includes, as the Daily Mail explains, cards for LGBTQ women, single women and of course, single LGBTQ women.

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