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A Mom’s Perspective on Mother’s Day

So now that the build up to Mother’s Day is over, I want to share my thoughts. Mother’s Day is a wonderful day when mothers everywhere are commemorated for all the planning, making, driving, cooking, loving, soothing, comforting, hugging, crying, and tending to their children and families. Children prepare home-made, hand-stamped cards or choose cards that capture the sentiment that could not be put into words without Hallmark’s help.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching my kids hide the presents they handcrafted at school, and how they jumped up and down as they proudly handed me a thoughtful letter and hand-painted heart-shaped box. My son also marched up to me with a big bouquet of flowers that he was so happy to say, “Mommy, these are for your birthday and for Mother’s Day!”  Yup, I’m a Mother’s Day baby myself!

But when all of that glory subsided a bit, I realized that I had to scurry to gather all the ingredients to prepare dinner for my mother, and scurry so my children could visit my husband’s mother and wish her a happy one too. In speaking with a few friends this week, Mother’s Day was wonderful for the time spent with our children, but was stressful in trying to coordinate the visits and meal preparation for our mothers and mothers-in-law who are here and near.

So now that I’ve had a chance to really think about it, in an effort to celebrate the day, I would like to make a note to myself for next year. I would like to spend at least half the day cuddling, kissing, and hugging my children before the day is over and I haven’t had a chance to really enjoy what Mother’s Day is for me, not my mother or my mother in law.  If you are a mother of young children, you are always doing. Perhaps Mother’s Day should be a day of not doing and instead, spending time with the very little people who are giving us something to celebrate!

Perhaps I am giving this too much thought, but it saddens me to hear, “I know Mother’s Day is not about me. I’ve gotten over it.”  It IS about us, and we deserve to take a moment to lounge around or roller blade around or bike around without making plans for someone else.  I say this now, but I know it’s hard for the mothers who do all year long, every moment of every day to let go, but next year, I plan on giving the day’s responsibility to my husband. I think you should too!

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