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The Biggest Milestones In Your Child’s Life

shutterstock_114569521From the moment your child is born, milestones begin stacking up. Her first cry, diaper change, her first feed and first car ride are some of the big “firsts” that will happen before you even head home from the hospital. The milestones don’t stop there, though, so get your cameras ready because you’re in for a wild ride.

Learning to Walk

After a baby learns to roll over, sit up, and crawl (although not always in that order), a baby will learn to walk anywhere from 9 months of age up to 15 months or so. In the meantime, there will be lots of falling down and stumbling, which is where her parents come in. Your job isn’t to walk her around (although that is loads of fun for her), but to provide a safe space for your baby to practice and sturdy furniture for her to pull up on. Nobody wants to pull up on a flimsy table and topple over. Once those first few steps get strung together, walking, and then running, are not far behind.

Starting School

Whether it’s preschool or kindergarten, those first few school days can be exciting — but they can also be scary. Visiting the school before classes begin will really help a child adjust to his new routine, and picking out school supplies and new shoes can make it way more cheerful than it might be without doing those few things. Meet the teacher, explore the school and get an idea of a typical school day, and share that with your child so he knows what to expect.

Going to Junior or Senior High School

Often, advancing from elementary school to junior or senior high is a huge milestone that takes just as much adjustment as starting school for the first time. The building may be bigger, she may have to change classes in a short amount of time and lockers (and locks) may be completely new. The same steps you took when she started kindergarten will help alleviate the worries of your preteen or teen as she prepares for this next phase in life, so work on getting to know the school — and those pesky lockers.

Getting a Driver’s License

Once she’s received her license, you’ll realize how huge this milestone is — because it means that your child has successfully learned how to operate a vehicle. Getting there is definitely more than half the battle, though. Knowing how to calm yourself even when your teenage child seems to be barreling towards a line of trees is vital to your sanity and your kid’s success, and she will appreciate knowing that Mom or Dad is there beside her, guiding her way. Practice, patience and your time are often all that your child needs as she prepares to get behind the wheel by herself for the first time.

Graduating from High School

This is a biggie. Your child’s high school days have finally drawn to a close as she leaves behind this amazing chapter in her life. Guiding your child to this point likely means late nights, homework support, mom taxiing around and involvement in the school, and as always, your presence is more valuable than you might think. And really, Mom and Dad, this never ends.

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