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Easy and Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Try New Things

shutterstock_209103808While some kids are more than happy to sample different foods, visit new places and try out new toys, others prefer a more predictable experience. For these kids, adding banana to their usually fruit-free cereal is enough of a change for one day. As a mom, you want to encourage your routine-preferring children to try new things to expand their horizons and find their passions. And as a bonus, you can try new things too. Here are a few easy and fun ideas to try:

Head to a Buffet

It can be frustrating to watch your child eat the same foods day in and day out while refusing to try anything new. To tempt your kiddo to sample some tasty new flavors, take him or her to a local buffet. This way your child has to try at least one new food. Most kids are so excited at the prospect of eating out that they will add shredded carrots, cornbread muffins or pasta with Alfredo sauce to their plates. If you live in a town with a Sweet Tomatoes or Soup Plantation, this is a great place to start; the place boasts an enormous salad and soup bar as well as plenty of other goodies that are great for both kids and adults.

Embrace Dress up Clothes

A wonderful way to help your children express themselves is to provide them with plenty of dress up clothes. Imaginary play is a great way to try out new personalities and talents in a safe and secure environment. Buy your kids new fancy clothes, props or Halloween costumes that they can dress up in all year long. For high-quality and durable costumes check out Then, if your daughter asks you to don a cape and fly around the house, be sure to join in the fun catching some pretend villains together.

Explore Other Possibilities

Yes, moms tend to know their kids better than anyone else. But sometimes, we need to be reminded that we don’t necessarily know all of our children’s passions and interests. For instance, if your son excels at soccer and swimming, you might think of those as his sports. But don’t let his athletic experiences stop there. Take him to football games, shoot hoops with him in the driveway and watch golf tournaments on TV. Expose him to as many sports as possible to see if he develops any other interests. And who knows, he might decide to take up table tennis or bowling.

The same goes for the arts. Keep your focus wide and attend plays, concerts and museum exhibitions. While you’re out having fun, watch for signs of interest from your child. If your daughter talks non-stop about how amazing the sculptures were at the local museum, encourage her to sign up for a ceramics class at a local community center or buy some Play-Doh and clay and allow her to explore the medium at home.

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