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Blogging Tips for Parents: How to Help Your Child Start a Blog

shutterstock_144041308Blogs are an educational and creative platform where kids can publish their individual thoughts and imaginative ideas. Many kids are creating blogs in their classrooms to support academic pursuits or personal blogs that they maintain as a hobby. A blog can improve your child’s communication and writing skills, as well as help develop skills in web design, marketing, graphic design and photography. Your child’s blog could eventually help him or her impress college admissions boards and develop a skill set that could lead to a career.

Here are some of the best ways to help your child explore and succeed in the world of blogging:

Kid Blog Platforms

KidzWorld is a safe social network for kids who aren’t quite old enough for the mature content that is readily available on other social networking or blogging sites. It allows kids to read the blogs of their peers as well as create their own blog publication. A child’s account is created under a pseudonym, which assures that his or her privacy is protected. There are a number of subjects the kids can read about, which range from sports and entertainment to health and social advice.

YourSphere is a website “destination for imagination.” Kids can create a profile and join spheres that are centered around their interests. They can share photos, videos and blogs and can engage in instant chat with friends. This aspect of YourSphere likens it to Pinterest. Unlike Pinterest, however, all of the content is kid-friendly, positive and inspirational. Users can also write blog posts, edit photos or make polls to share with friends. This site aims to create a safe online environment where kids can learn to navigate and explore the possibilities of the Internet.


WordPress is one of the most mainstream blogging platforms. Blogs are highly customizable in style and design as well as their privacy settings. This service does not monitor any of the content or discussions on the blog, so you must frequently visit your child’s blog to ensure there aren’t any signs of cyberbullying or any other safety risks. WordPress allows your child to post written content, video and photos. Your child can even utilize stock video and photography to enhance the visual look of his or her page with crisp and clear imagery.

Subject Matter

Sit down with your child and determine what he or she wants to blog about. Brainstorm a list and help organize the ideas, so he or she has a jumping-off point in his blog pursuit. Many children enjoy the simple act of publishing their everyday thoughts and ever-changing interests, without restricting the content to a specific subject matter. If your child is a colorful storyteller, suggest that he or she starts a literary blog where he or she publishes sections of a sequential story every week. Other blog category ideas include technology, photography, cooking, sports and academics.

Audience Interaction

Talk with your child about the dangers that lie within the Internet. Explain that while the Internet is vast in its wonderful possibilities, there are also dangers that exist. Discuss the parameters of cyberbullying, online sexual predators and other types of stranger danger. Advise your child to never reveal any personal information over the Internet, regardless of if it’s in a public comment or private message.

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